Open Innovation

We work with partners to research, develop and create open innovations by licensing, collaborating with innovation partners, and investing through corporate venture capital (CVC) providing opportunities for each sector to apply their knowledge and expertise in innovative research and development to enhance business potential, improve quality of life, and collectively solve social and environmental problems.

License Out

Microchannel Heat Exchanger Technology Licensing

The company is continuing with the research and development of a microchannel heat exchanger, a research collaboration with PTT Plc. Over 40 patents for invention and product design were granted domestically and internationally, by licensing out with GC Maintenance and Engineering Company (GCME) to produce and distribute to customers replacing the import of conventional heat exchangers in LNG/ LPG/ HVAC and food industries. The microchannel heat exchanger’s technology is distinctive providing 33% higher heat transfer efficiency than conventional heat exchangers, in addition to providing increased strength and safety when in use. It is also 70-90% smaller than previously, allowing for installation in confined spaces and reducing energy consumption by up to 40 million baht per year.

Dicyclopentadiene Project (DCPD) modified ester oligomers Technology Licensing

The company has licensed out a synthetic technology, ‘Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) Modified Ester Oligomers,’ to a leading bioplastic products company in the United States. This technology meets the needs of customers in the coatings industry, especially the metal and concrete segments. It also improves the performance of the coating to be resistant to corrosion and includes both mechanical and drying properties.


To maximize the efficiency of research and development innovations and achieve faster results, we work with a broad range of partners to drive key innovation projects: