In 2021, GC, as a Chemical Flagship of PTT Group with a combined chemical and petrochemical capacity of 13.95 million tons per year and crude oil and condensate distillation capacity of 280,000 barrels per day. GC consists of 3 business groups and has other businesses and services which GC invested for supporting 5 business groups, summarized in the diagram as follows:

Reference: PTTGC One Report 2021

* Only capacity that GC hold equal to or more than 25% share and calculate proportion by percent share.
** For internal use

Services and Others

Jetty and chemical tank farm
Operated by TTT
Utility business
Operated by GPSC
Plant maintenance and engineering design services and PTTES
Operated by GCME
Safety, occupational health, and environmental, and NPCSG and security services
Operated by NPC S&E and NPCSG
Pipeline infrastructural services
Operated by EFT
Information and communication technology service
Operated by PTT Digital
Labor outsourcing service
Operated by BSA
Marketing and sales of methyl amine derivatives, plastic compounds, Creation specialty products, and health and nutrition products
Operated by Solution Creation
Polymer sales services (Polymers Business Unit)
Operated by GCM
Logistics services
Operated by GCL (Polymers Business Unit)
GC Group’s liquidity management and financing service
Operated by GCTC
Management consultancy
Operated by PRS Rayong
Manufacture procure, sell products and/ or provide services that contributes to society
Operated by SPSE
Plastic packaging development support
Operated by SPIG
Land and property management
Operated by GCEC
Corporate venture capital investment
Operated by GCV and GCVA