We create innovative chemicals contributing to happiness for a sustainable tomorrow.

“We continually research and develop innovations and promote the potential of researchers along with technologies to meet customer needs and add commercial value while reducing environmental impacts and improving the well-being of stakeholders.”

Innovation Strategy and Target

The chemicals business is facing changing global trends (megatrends) as a result of climate change, the pandemic, technological advancements, shifts in resource management and changes in people’s way of life in society. Innovation, therefore, is pivotal in increasing the company's competitiveness and reducing risks from business operations. We developed the following innovation strategies and goals:

Our Vision

To be a leading innovator that makes a difference in solving problems through competitive technologies

Our Mission

  1. To be the preferred innovation partner for external and internal customers.
  2. To be a customer-centric solutions provider that delivers improvements and a wide range of new products and processes in line with GC's business direction.
  3. To create competitive advantages through intellectual property and innovative technologies.
  4. To be professional and unrivaled learning organization.

Our Innovations

We aim to improve quality of life through the research and development of innovations to create and improve product quality. We are also committed to developing our production process and cutting-edge innovations to increase our competitiveness in the market along with solving environmental and social problems.

Electric & Electronics

Process Innovation

We continually review and improve our production process, adopt new technologies to ensure resource efficiency, and reduce the amount of waste minimizing our environmental impact and costs as follows:

Breakthrough Innovation

We are preparing, through research and development, to step into new businesses in the future as follows:

Awards and Honors

These recognitions are a testament to our success in innovation, and research and development.

Innovation Development Process

To provide solutions through innovations in research and development that meet the needs of customers, improve business efficiency, and reduce various risks, we designed a process to consider research and development projects, divided into the following six steps:


Idea generations and idea screening leading to the first step of the project’s resource management.

Scoping and Feasibility Study

The crystallization of ideas leads to building a concrete business in which the project's technical and business evaluation is carried out to ensure profitability for the company.

Lab Scale Experiments

These practices help make innovative ideas to fruition, whether in the field of product development or in the development of new processes. This step will determine the direction of development at the laboratory level of the company which has been standardized, including co-inventing with external partners.

Large Scale developments

The evolution from the lab to larger-scale experiments in conditions close to the actual production process.


Product distribution and process development leading to real business production practices.

Post-Launch Review

This process includes monitoring and evaluating customer feedback after a product is released or a new process is put into practice.

Innovation Management in the Future

We adjust the strategy in the research and development of innovations to create a more efficient operation that is flexible and ready to adapt to changes in volatile businesses while supporting growth in the future direction as follows:

Develop and seek new technologies with a focus on digital technology to maintain and enhance competitiveness, including costs and expenses in production.

Adapt work processes in the pursuit of new technology to be faster and more flexible while responding to business needs to support changes through the research and development ecosystem, such as technology funds, startup companies, universities and professionals.

Adjust the operation and innovation management model to focus on responding to market-focused needs that contribute to the company's new business model, i.e. a product group (applications). This helps support the company in becoming a comprehensive service provider for various markets (solutions provider).

Adjust research and development goals in accordance with the company's strategy and the volatile nature of the business by focusing on measuring profit from the outcomes of innovations and investments in research and development operations.

Connect and utilize external technology to create new business options by building a network of R&D partners and industry alliances and startups, thereby significantly reducing the time and risk of developing breakthrough technologies.