PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited ('The Company') is committed to the management of risks in conjunction with strategic management to ensure that corporate growth is aligned with corporate strategic objectives and goals

with an acceptable risk appetite, encompassing risk management in quality, security, safety, and occupational health of employees, society, communities, environment, as well as laws, regulations, standards, and those of the countries in which The Company has business presence or investment opportunities in compliance with international standards. We shall take due proper action against fraud and corruption, provide fair treatment to all stakeholders in accordance with the corporate governance code. We shall provide risk management in information technology, innovation, as well as emerging risks that may impact business operations; while focusing on business performance and investment objectives - both in the short and long term. The Company encourages the continuous practice of risk management until it becomes an integral part of the organizational culture, to minimize the probability of the risks from materializing and to mitigate any losses were the risks to occur, in our endeavor to capture business opportunities and create sustainable business value.

Risk Management Policy