GC places importance on maintaining equality and integrity in its relationships with suppliers because suppliers are one of the Company's stakeholders. Guidelines for managing supplier relationships are established in the Section on Responsibility to Stakeholders in the Good Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct Handbook, and they are practiced and strictly followed by our employees. Such guidelines are drawn up to be in accordance with the law and have been agreed upon by Company suppliers. Acting with equality, transparency and fairness helps to build strong, sustainable relationships with our suppliers.

To ensure that GC operations are in line with the principles outlined above, the following Supplier Code of Conduct has been established, as detailed below:

  • To perform the procurement of goods and services with an emphasis on quality, price, quantity, timeframe, service, speed and transparency. Complete information is provided to suppliers in a uniform, accurate, clear and non-discriminatory fashion, which creates an atmosphere of competition between our suppliers. This systematic and methodical procurement process follows airtight oversight regulations, policies and guidelines, and, is designed to comply with the ever-changing business environment.
  • To set fair supplier trade conditions and practices, including setting fair prices determined by comparisons with similar goods or services of the same quality standard.
  • To set criteria that governs the registration of suppliers in the procurement of GC supplies and services. Specific criteria are set up for individual areas such as Technical Capabilities, QA/QC, Safety Health and Environmental Capabilities and Commercial Capabilities. These criteria include evaluating ethical behavior and implementing various Thai labor laws to ensure that only high-quality suppliers are used.
  • To focus on employing upright business practices, avoiding the use of powers for both one's own direct or indirect benefit. Steps will be taken to eliminate dishonest business practices and agreements will be signed with business partners to commit to prevent any act of corruption and graft.

GC also expects that each of its suppliers and business partners will adhere to and follow good corporate governance principles and business code of conduct. Emphasis is placed on operating in a fair, transparent and accountable manner. Any type of corruptions must be opposed in all forms, providing an environment of fair competition. Additionally, labor laws must be followed accordingly and a respect for human rights must be maintained, and the Company is open to accepting suggestions from its business partners in this regard. Special attention must be given to the environment and workplace safety. The procurement of goods and services will be performed in a way which provides benefit to the environment as well as the general well-being of society. CSR policies help GC operates while placing importance on the environment, ensuring future sustainable growth for GC.