The perfect chemistry for every generation to drive the company towards achieving important goals together GC Chemistry for Better Living

Because we not only strive to strengthen and grow our business, we also focus on creating a sustainability culture and supporting the environment and society through the positive contributions of GC’s people.

Five Reasons

Why You Should Work with GC


We challenge the new generation with digital-led operations

Work from Home

The workplace is limitless. Experience a new normal way of working with GC’s work-from-home policy which allows employees to work from home, or anywhere, through effective communication technologies that meet the needs of working in the digital era with close connections through an online meeting platform. Connect with your co-workers as though you’re at your desk using a mobile phone application that connects office numbers directly to the mobile phones of employees.

In a rapidly changing environment, we create flexibility in doing business while adapting to changes (Business Resilience) through our Digital Transformation to make processes, technology, and personnel ready in the digital era, resulting in improved efficiency and speed, reduced health risks, and enhanced workplace safety.

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We have developed digital solutions to support a Work Anywhere approach that suits the new generation, including:


Happiness at work, a good quality of life

We treat our employees according to labor protection laws under Thai labor standards (TLS 8001-253) and international human rights principles. We established a welfare committee in the workplace to manage labor rights, benefits and working conditions, and listen to opinions and suggestions from employees. GC strives to be an accident-free organization where employees enjoy working. As a result, we provide a safe work environment that goes beyond legal regulations. We also assess ergonomic risks to employees and organize various projects to improve their satisfaction and well-being – both physical and mental health, such as:


Providing care to families

We realize that your family is the most important unit behind your every success, and GC is ready to take care of and play a part in building strong relationships within families by:

  • Providing health insurance for employees and their families with comprehensive care for spouses and children, in addition to vaccinations for babies and dental care for the children of employees.
  • Supporting tuition fees for the children of employees from kindergarten to university (up to 22 years old)
  • Holding activities to support households such as Family Day.

Rewarded with ‘Wow’ benefits

  • Provident Fund: GC contributes to the fund at a high rate, and employees can manage their fund by choosing an appropriate investment plan according to their desired level of risk.
  • Home Loan: GC works with leading financial institutions to provide a home loan program through employee welfare loans which offer special interest rates (according to the conditions of each financial institution).
  • Emergency loans.
  • Disaster assistance.

Activities promoting physical and mental health for GC employees

GC encourages all employees to maintain good physical and mental health by supporting team building activities and relaxation from work, such as:

HOE Sports Day 2021

achieving an accumulated distance of 46,000 km by burning calories through all forms of exercise such as running, walking, swimming, or doing everyday jobs, all of which boost energy and help GC’s people to work more productively.

Volunteer activities

to share smiles and happiness to those in need. These CSR activities bring together employees who volunteer to support communities, society, and the environment serving as an effective way to create happiness from giving.

In 2022, GC is Asia’s First Global Chemical Company to ever be ranked

number 1 for 4 consecutive years in the Chemicals Business Group

by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and in the top 10 of the DJSI World and Emerging Markets in the Chemicals category for the tenth consecutive year.

Are You Ready

to be part of the GC family and enjoy growth opportunities while living a life that contributes to a more sustainable world?