GC provides opportunities for career advancement and promotes continued learning in Thailand and abroad.


International Subsidiaries

The Company has expanded its investments in petrochemical and chemicals businesses overseas, including the United States, Europe, and Asia to sustainably grow in the future. Managing a business abroad also creates opportunities for employees to work in different countries. GC has sent employees to work abroad as needed for both short-term assignments and long-term periods (expatriate program).

Working abroad gives employees opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and experiences in a new environment that also promotes cultural exchange, language skills, and an international mindset. It is an important way to create career advancement (career growth) for employees.

Employees Working Abroad


GC Group Subsidiaries and Affiliates

GC Group consists of joint ventures and subsidiaries in the petrochemical and chemical businesses with each company demonstrating continued growth.

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Internal Recruitment

You don't always have to work in the same position at GC. The company offers opportunities so you transition to a new job in order to further challenge yourself, increase your knowledge, enhance your experience, and develop new skills. We want you to be inspired in your work.

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