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Corporate Values GC SPIRIT & 4 Core Behaviors

To maximize collaboration among people in our organization, we are driving our corporate culture through the GC SPIRIT and 4 Core Behaviors, communicating our values through the company’s activities and media providing employees with a better understanding which benefits their work and daily lives.

This is helping us achieve our vision to be a Leading Global Chemical Company for Better Living.

GC’s corporate values reflect our beliefs and identity which our employees uphold and use as a standard to work better together. GC SPIRIT consists of:

Corporate Culture Playbook

We continue to build a corporate culture through our executives at all levels who act as role models by raising awareness and understanding, and as leaders in cultivating the GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors. They serve as a key factor in the success of our corporate culture fostering cross-functional cooperation throughout the value chain and placing an emphasis on initiatives and ideas through cross-functional initiatives.

FiT Project

In a fast-changing world, only those who adapt will survive. Today, GC is ready to optimize every process for strong and sustainable growth with the implementation of the FiT Project under the ‘FiT for A Better Future’ concept by conducting a business transformation in conjunction with an organizational and digital transformation.

It begins with the analysis of existing work processes and redesigning new ones by using lean process and cut the fat principles, together with digital technology to increase productivity to be more concise and agile meeting the needs of employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders in all sectors. This also increases GC’s resilience by more efficiently and effectively responding to changes.

Four reasons why the FiT project will change GC for the better

  1. An Optimized Operating Model
  2. End-to-end Seamless Integration
  3. Light Speed Decision-making
  4. Future-Ready Personnel

The FiT Project increased GC's competitiveness and contributed to sustainable business growth with streamlined, flexible, highly-efficient workflows through process design and use of digital technology and data analysis. This allows for more accurate predictability and rapid decision-making based on accurate information. Furthermore, it builds on the new skills and necessary insights of employees in the future through upskilling/reskilling. Finally, the FiT Project is an important cross functional collaboration involving people from different work groups who have the shared goal of making a better future at work.

Examples of FiT Projects

Execute Production & Production Support Project

Projects from the production support department, such as maintenance, reliability, plant shutdown and turnaround management, spare parts warehouse, as well as laboratory work, must operate together and effectively with the production unit support department.

The production support department has a goal of being a smart plant which requires joint efficiency across GC Group by relying on smart people, or employees with well-rounded skills along with smart processes, or highly efficient work processes. This also includes the adoption of digital technology to speed up work processes, making it easier to validate data quality for analysis, and improving future performance and support for executives and personnel as role models ready to adapt to change.

Teamwork is the project’s success factor. The team must adhere to GC’s 4 Core Behaviors, work cross-functionally and be open to accepting change with a determination and readiness to continue learning and focus on achieving common goals.

Examples of FiT Projects

Procure to Pay Feedstock and Non-Feedstock Project (P2P Feedstock & Non-Feedstock)

This project, as part of FiT, streamlined GC’s procurement process. It began by examining the work process which led to modifications to increase speed and efficiency. This ranged from procurement to payment of raw materials (source to pay) by establishing accurate and up-to-date data collection standards, such as Blockchain, together with the introduction of advanced analytics to measure and analyze ways to improve procurement efficiency. A platform was also developed allowing work between employees and external stakeholders such as traders, trading partners, buyers, and raw material suppliers to be smoother and more expedient. The project would not have been successful without the cooperation, expertise, and experience of numerous departments which came together based on the 4 Core Behaviors approach.

The success of the above-mentioned cross-functional initiatives come from listening, being open-minded and ready to embrace change, and incorporating the 4 Core Behaviors when learning something new and working together. The FiT Project's journey will continue for the next three years transforming GC into a leading international organization ready to deal with any changes contributing to a better future and sustainable growth.

Nurturing GC’s people with the 4 Core Behaviors contributes to their talent and value as role models inspiring a new generation to join the company. GC is also supporting the potential of employees in working better together as a team through the GC Hero & Super Hero program which provides new initiatives annually. Here are some projects of the GC Hero & Super Hero program:

In addition, this project empowers businesses to effectively cope with changes in digital technology. We promoted the GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors by implementing digital transformation concepts and processes through the implementation of the digital Experience Team (dEX Team).

dEX Introduction
Hello, we are dEX!

The dEX Team (digital Experience Team) plays a critical role in driving a digitalized work culture. We also create positive change based on the 4 Core Behaviors helping employees work more efficiently through an ‘agile’ work model that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and constant interaction between colleagues.

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We understand the need for a strong corporate culture. Therefore, we came up with concrete measures, such as the use of indicators for the Culture Commitment Score, VP Influencer Score, and 360-Degree Evaluation, to ensure that the foundation and building process of our corporate culture remains a success.

GC SPIRIT & 4 Core Behaviors represent the values needed by organizations

to strengthen the relationships and chemistry among employees leading to improved operations, and success and satisfaction in the workplace. If you believe in the GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors,

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