14 November 2015

PTT Global Chemical Received the Top Three Awards of ASEAN CG Scorecard : TOP 5 ASEAN, TOP 50 ASEAN, and TOP 3 Domestic.

Mr. Prasert Bunsumpun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited received the highest award as the TOP 5 ASEAN PLCs of the ASEAN CG Scorecard. In addition, Mrs. Warawan Tippawanich, Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs received the TOP 50 ASEAN PLCs and the TOP 3 Domestic PLCs in ASEAN Corporate Governance Conference & Awards which was held for the first time on November 14th, 2015 in Manila, Philippines.

ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) has been created because the ASEAN SEC (ASEAN Capital Market Forum: ACMF) wants to raise the standard of the corporate governance of the listed companies in ASEAN to be comparable to international companies. As a result, ASEAN companies will be more credible and acceptable to foreign investors to invest in securities of the listed companies in ASEAN region.

The listed companies in ASEAN will be evaluated the level of corporate governance from CG Expert of the six member countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand which were appointed by the ACMF. The evaluation will be according to the international standard of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development: OECD.