18 July 2023

GC Receives ESG Award 2023

Ms. Pattaralada Sa-Ngasang Executive Vice President - Finance and Accounting, received the prestigious ESG Award 2023 in the energy industry from the College of Management, Mahidol University. This award is presented under the ESG Tracking System project, which analyzes organizational data in three dimensions: Environment, Society, and Governance. The award ceremony took place at The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok.

The ESG Award 2023 is a result of a meticulous evaluation process, where 20 companies with the highest registered capital in The Stock Exchange of Thailand were considered. Only organizations with transparent and accurate ESG disclosure, beneficial for assessment and operation evaluation, and those actively addressing key concerns from stakeholders were shortlisted. Additionally, the award also takes into account ESG Data Quality, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of data as per sustainability reporting guidelines. It demonstrates the organization's capability to adapt and withstand various situations while aligning with business strategies and activities.

At GC, we remain committed to being Better for You and Better for Our World. Our dedication to Chemistry for Better Living drives us to continuously improve our environmental, social, and governance practices, leading to a sustainable and responsible future.