20 May 2013

PTTGC Joins Chinaplas 2013 in Guǎngzhōu

Executives of PTT Global Chemical PLC. (PTTGC), namely Mr. Athavudhi Hirunburana, Executive Vice President of Polymers Business Unit; Mrs. Sriwan Eamrungroj, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Commercial and Supply; Mr. Sermsak Sriyaphai, Executive Vice President of Ethylene Oxide Based Performance Business Unit; Dr. Thasnalak Santikul, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, and Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman , Executive Vice President of Finance and Accounting, paid a visit to PTT Global Chemical's exhibition at Chinaplas 2013 held in Guǎngzhōu, China during May 20-23, 2013.

PTT Global Chemical's exhibition, co-organized with PTT Polymer Marketing Co., Ltd. (PTTPM), was especially intended to highlight the wide range of InnoPlus products, including packaging (MDO film), coating pipe, cap & closure, wire & cable, and roto molding. In addition, InnoPlus products have been certified Carbon Footprint Label which reflect the company's efficient environment management, also go together under the theme "Innovate for Better Living". At Chinaplas 2013 PTT Global Chemical's exhibition could draw great interest from a large number of visitors in the plastics industry in Asia.