29 September 2020

GC Holds GC Group SEEK PLUS+ DAY 2020: 'We Love GC, Dare to Strive and Thrive Together'

Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer, GC, presided over and presented GC Group SEEK PLUS+ DAY 2020 Awards under this year's theme of ‘We Love GC, Dare to Strive and Thrive Together.' This is the sixth consecutive year GC is holding this event.

This year, GC combined GC Group SEEK DAY with GC SPIRIT DAY into "GC Group SEEK PLUS+ DAY 2020" which covers three areas: Knowledge Management; Energy Conservation; and Safety and Occupational Health Management, and Environment. This event also allows employees to exchange their know-how and successes which have led to the company's achievements in sustainable development and acknowledges and encourages the excellent work done by employees. In so doing, it helps builds a knowledge management culture covering energy conservation, safety, occupational health, and the environment, and further promotes the GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors, the foundation of GC Group's organizational culture.

A ceremony was held on the morning of the event in celebration of Lord Brahma the Great and the God of Rain, and dried food offerings were given to nine Buddhist monks. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a new way to provide submissions for the competition in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. The short video clips were sent to the judges using Microsoft Teams with a Q&A using the live feature, to determine the best ideas in the Plant and Corporate categories. A total of 31 teams sent in their submissions, while this new method contributed to a roughly 70% savings in event costs.

This year, the "Special Forum: Map Ta Phut Integration Forum Talk" was held which included the participation of Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman, President, together with Mr. Varit Namwong, Chief Operating Officer – Center of Excellence, Mr. Boonchai Chunhawiksit, Acting Senior Executive Vice President, Upstream Petrochemical Business, and Mr. Wiboon Chuchepchunkamon, Acting Senior Executive Vice President, Downstream Petrochemical Business and Acting Senior Vice President, Green Chemicals Business Unit. Together, they showed what's possible across the company through inspiration, synergies, and a unified purpose with everyone working towards One Integrated Asset, One Goal, reinforcing the foundation of the company's future growth amid the current and highly volatile global economy.

This year, the following awards were given out:

GC Group SEEK PLUS+ DAY 2020 Awards in the Plant category

Platinum Class: Jetty & Buffer Tank Farm (U-CM)

Gold Class: Aromatics 1

Silver Class: HDPE Plant I

GC Group SEEK PLUS+ DAY 2020 Awards in the Corporate category

Platinum Class: PMT

Gold Class: Technical Engineering and Maintenance

Silver Class: HOE

Popular Vote (Plant): Refinery and Shared Facilities, and Popular Vote (Corporate): Technical Engineering and Maintenance

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