19 June 2023

GC has donated upcycling bins for infectious waste to the Phyathai Hospital Group and Paolo Hospital

On June 19, 2566, Dr. Chaya Chandavasu, Executive Vice President of Sustainability at GC, presided over the ceremony to present the Upcycling bins for infectious waste (Red Bins). These bins were made from recycled plastic as part of the collaboration between GC YOUTurn and Phyathai Hospital Group and Paolo Hospital.

This initiative is part of GC's commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. By providing these upcycling bins, GC aims to support proper waste management and promote a healthier environment within the hospital group. The collaboration between GC, Phyathai Hospital Group, and Paolo Hospital reflects a shared dedication to sustainable solutions and the well-being of the community.

In the year 2566, GC YOUTurn collected used plastic bottles from three hospitals, totaling over 1.76 tons. This amount translates to a reduction of 1,816.62 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the absorption capacity of 191 large trees that can mitigate greenhouse gases.

GC continues to seek future opportunities for collaboration, expanding the project to other hospitals within the group. The company also plans to introduce innovative solutions for producing PCR PET water bottles in hospitals in partnership with ENVICCO. Additionally, GC aims to explore upcycling possibilities, such as the production of medical personnel gowns and patient bed linens, in collaboration with Solution Creation Company.

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