30 April 2015

PTT Global Chemical Receives IP Champion Awards 2015

Mr. Siridech Kumvongdee, Senior Vice President – Science and Innovation, PTT Global Chemical PLC, on behalf of the Company, received an award for the excellent utilization of intellectual property for commercial purposes or the IP Champion Awards 2015 – Utility Patents, from Mrs. Apiradee Tantraporn, Deputy Minister of Commerce, in the event commemorating the 23rd Anniversary of the Department of Intellectual Property Establishment Day on April 30th 2015, at the Conference Room, Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Commerce. On this occasion, it is PTTGC’s first time participation in the award eligibility assessment for the Utility Patent.

The “IP Champion” Award is the award of excellence granted to organizations that place an emphasis on the protection and commercial utilization of intellectual properties through effective and concrete administrative procedures. The award’s key objective is to honor organizations that give priorities in utilizing intellectual properties as a tool to drive the business forward and to generate value-added features to their products and services in a sustainable way, as well as to motivate and set a good example to other business operators. The award can be classified into four main categories; 1) Trademark 2) Utility Patent 3) Product Design Patent and 4) Copyright.