18 June 2013

PTT Global Chemical Receives Green Meeting Certificate and Joins Declaration of Intention Ceremony for Encouraging the Green Procurement in Private Sector

Dr. Thasnalak Santikul, Executive Vice President - Corporate Affairs received the certificate of the Green Meetings from Mr. Prasert Boonsampun, Chairman of the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) and joined the Declaration of Intention ceremony for encouraging the green procurement within the private sector at the Sustainable and Green Procurement Initiative press conference, the Green Meeting certificate distribution and registration of the carbon reduction label for products and buildings, and the certification of the alternative energy usage or production on June 18, 2013, Executive Lounge, 6th Floor, Energy Complex Tower C, held by TBCSD.

PTT Global Chemical had joined the Green Meetings which aims to promote the scope of guideline focusing on the worthwhile utilization of resources among the government and the private sector and to reduce impacts on the environment by appropriately applying with activities and corporate meeting organization. According to the survey, PTT Global Chemical has achieved the Green Meetings principles.