19 June 2017

PTTGC Supports Sustainable Fishery Project for Nong Fab Small Boat Fishing Group

Khun Nalinee Kanchanamai, Director of Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Authority, Khun Pirat Chiarat, Rayong Fishery Authority, Khun Pitiporn Nilaphat, a representative from Rayong Fishery Authority, Khun Todsaporn Pianchob, Plant Technical Manager, PTT Global Chemical PCL, together with volunteers from the LDPE plant and representatives from alliance companies, jointly transferred the Sustainable Fishery Project, with the objective of reviving marine resources by way of improving the aquaculture system to increase the survival rate of areola Babylon and fattening blue swimming crab, and constructing the barrier along the coastline to prevent erosion using winged plastic sacks. On this occasion, Khun Charun Khemglud, Head of Nong Fab Small Boat Fishing Group was the recipient of the project on June 19, 2017.