11 September 2019

GC takes part in TMA’s Global Business Dialogue 2019

Warawan Tippawanich, Senior Vice President – Corporate Affairs at GC, was invited to speak at the “Global Business Dialogue 2019: Designing New Growth Models for Sustainability” event, organized by the Thailand Management Association (TMA), which was held on 11 September 2019 at the Athenee Hotel Bangkok. Her discussion topic, “Enhancing Environmental Consciousness in Business Processes,” reflected useful guidelines and the need for increased cooperation in GC’s operations and sustainability.

Warawan noted that, “Sustainability is consistently viewed as a key strategy of our business practices. Consequently, GC has leveraged and extended our operations related to sustainable development within our organization and also in the value chain. Sustainable development within the organization starts with raising awareness among executives and employees to build common trust and confidence in conducting sustainable business practices that in turn, helps build the confidence of stakeholders. In the meantime, GC has implemented a sustainability framework that equally embraces the integration of economic, social and environmental factors in response to global sustainable development goals.”

In terms of the environment, GC emphasizes two key points: the Circular Economy and the company’s Climate Strategy in which the Circular Living concept was adopted in our operations to ensure the efficient use of resources, a reduction in environmental impacts, and better support for people’s sustainable lifestyles. In addition, GC teamed up with both the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, to initiate a number of projects including the “Recycled Monks’ Robes” project in partnership with the “Khung Bangkachao” community, all of which have received an overwhelming response from the public.

While previous projects have also gained both domestic and international recognition, GC continues to reinforce its commitment to be a role model in pioneering sustainable business practices. Meanwhile, GC always welcomes exchanging ideas and ways to improve operations with others, and encourages everyone to take part in its future projects. The company strongly believes that sustainable operations will be a cornerstone in building improved cooperation among all sectors in society with the ultimate purpose of saving the environment because we only have one Earth. Let’s take care of it!