09 May 2024

GC collaborates with WHAUP to allocate high-quality industrial water through efficient water usage, enhancing business sustainability

Rayong, May 9, 2024 - PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) signed a collaboration agreement with WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP) worth over 1.5 billion baht for the purchase of high-quality industrial water in the Premium Clarified Water project. The collaboration entails the supply of 3.5 million cubic meters per year to be utilized within GC's facilities in the WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut). The water used for producing this high-quality industrial water, exceeding 60 percent or 2.0 million cubic meters per year, is reclaimed water from wastewater treatment systems. This initiative underscores the importance of natural resources, promotes sustainable water management through efficient water use, and reduces the extraction of fresh water.

Mr. Pirun Krimwongrut, Chief Operating Officer – Center of Excellence at GC, reaffirms the company's commitment to sustainability. GC aims to be a global role model, balancing three dimensions: environmental, social, and economic and good governance principles (ESG). The company places great importance on water resource management, implementing a sustainable water management strategy (One Water Strategy) with the goal of reducing reliance on current water sources by more than 50%. This strategy is designed to support water demands in line with future business growth while maintaining the company's competitive edge and managing risks associated with climate change. GC also integrates cooperation throughout the supply chain to develop and promote investment in advanced innovations and technologies. This includes reusing treated wastewater (Wastewater Reverse Osmosis: WWRO), thereby reducing the extraction of fresh water from natural sources.

The signing of the agreement to allocate high-quality industrial water between GC and WHAUP aims to produce 3.5 million cubic meters per year of premium clarified water, with over 60% or 2.0 million cubic meters per year of this volume being reclaimed from treated wastewater. This agreement spans 15 years and will enable GC to reduce water usage in its production processes by 352,000 cubic meters annually. This sustainable water management approach leverages innovations and technologies in wastewater treatment and water recycling, maximizing environmental benefits and enhancing the quality of life for communities and society. It also allows GC's product users to contribute to water conservation efforts.

Khun Somkiat Masunthasuwan, CEO of WHA Utilities and Power Public Company Limited (WHAUP), revealed that as a leading provider of comprehensive utility and energy management services in Thailand, WHAUP has been producing over 25,000 cubic meters per day of industrial water from treated wastewater. Today, WHAUP has partnered with GC, signing an agreement to manage reclaimed wastewater and produce 3.5 million cubic meters per year of high-quality industrial water (Premium Clarified Water) for GC's factories. This agreement, valued at over 1,500 million THB, will see WHAUP begin commercial service delivery in September 2024.

The collaboration between GC and WHAUP focuses on continuously developing a project to improve reclaimed water quality from wastewater treatment systems, converting it into high-quality industrial water (Premium Clarified Water). This initiative reduces reliance on natural water sources and promotes efficient water recycling, fostering a circular economy and ensuring sustainable long-term business growth.