15 May 2019

GC Ventures invest in 3D printing AREVO


May 15, 2019 - GC Ventures joined a group of investors led by AGC(Tokyo), together with Khosla Ventures, Airbus Ventures and Leslie Ventures in the Series B investment round of AREVO, Inc. with the investment of $3.5 million via GC Ventures America. Headquartered in California, AREVO is developing an additive manufacturing system designed to make lightweight composite parts for sporting goods, automotive and aerospace applications.

3D printing was identified as the new opportunity addressing the present problems of composite parts manufacturing i.e. high production cost, labor intensive, and scalability issues especially for automotive industry, which is one of GC’s focus industries. With 3D printing, scalability can be achieved at a lower cost of production and most importantly, 3D printing of composite material allows for strength to weight optimization. Additionally, in the past recent years carbon composite parts have gained more market attractiveness and are expected to continue to grow significantly.

About AREVO, Inc.

AREVO is a developer of an additive manufacturing technology to enable direct digital additive manufacturing of ultra-strong, lightweight composite parts for end use applications in high volume. The company's software optimizes True-3D construction of parts using optimal fiber orientation in three dimensional space while concurrently minimizing the use of material using patented Additive Finite Element Analysis algorithms resulting in production parts with unique characteristics that cannot be made with conventional manufacturing techniques.

More information is available at https://arevo.com/