GC has the best products as we are not only concerned with the here and now…but also responding to the megatrends of the future.

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GC is shaping the future by responding to global needs with innovative yet highly valued chemical and plastic products that are low on carbon to align with the 5 megatrends.

5 Megatrends

Shaping Our Future


Climate Change & Energy Transition

Solutions to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, while improving the lifespan of products.

Responding to energy transition with clean technologies and reduced reliance on resources.

Solventborne Resins
Coating wind turbine blades with special resin to increase durability.
Water-Based Food Can Coating(Can Interior & Exterior)
Coating food cans (internally and externally) to reduce the release of VOCs, thus helping reduce global warming.
Funding for Installation of High-Quality HDPE Solar Cells
Multi-Purpose Bags Made from LDPE
These are now thinner yet still tough and durable
Bags Made from Plant Oils
An environmentally friendlier option than single-use plastics
Temperature Management Chemicals
Used in the transport of goods that require low temperatures to be maintained, such as plant-based vaccines.
These chemicals then naturally degrade.
Bio Lubricants
These are used in EV as they can withstand high temperatures and can function under high voltage.
Plant Health Solutions
These products are environmentally friendly, enabling plant growth under all conditions.
PCR PET: Food-Grade
Transparent plastics made from recycled materials that can be used as drink and food containers.
PCR HDPE: Packaging-Grade for Blow Molding Application
Opaque plastics made from recycled materials.
Lightweight Cap
These lightweight caps require less plastic but are just as tough as regular caps.
Downgauged Film
This film requires less plastic to make but is still as durable and flexible as necessary.


Demographic Shift

Designing solutions to meet the changing needs of society

Meeting the needs of changing demographics, including the elderly and the new generation, with the latest plastic and chemical innovations, suitable for the economical and behavioral needs of our consumers.

High-Safety Toys
Toys for children
Sporting Goods & Footwear
Diving equipment and footwear
Plastic Mattresses Made Using a Rotomoulding Process
These mattresses are lighter yet no less durable, meaning they can support the same weight as a wire-based mattress while using a fraction of the plastic.
Polyurethane Flooring
Used on playgrounds and in sporting arenas, this flooring is both highly flexible and safe to use.
Disposable Diapers
Biodegradable diapers
Food containers, cutlery
Sport clothing, bags, hats and other upcycled products
Basic products that can meet the changing requirements of shifting demographics
Sandwich Panel
Insulated so they can be used to store hot or cool products, these panels reduce sound, are simple to set up, and are extremely durable.


Health & Wellness

Solutions for a Healthier and Safer Society

These solutions aim to improve health and wellness through innovations that are safe and suitable to everyday life.

BPA-NI Food and Beverage Coating (Can Interior)
Coating the interior of cans containing food and drinks to ensure they are 100% safe and unharmful to health.
Eco-Friendly Crosslinker for Solvent-Based Industrial Wood
This eco-friendly solution is free from formaldehyde, making it safe for users and the environment.
3D Printing Based on Natural Movements
This printing can inform the planning of surgeries and other clinical procedures, including brain surgeries; cranium studies; ear, nose and throat research; and artificial leg prosthesis.
Biodegradable Medical Sanitary Pads
For use in clothing and masks
Medical Cleaning Pads
Fully biodegradable cleaning pads
Personal Protective Equipment
Home & Personal Care
Chemical products for at home and personal use



Solutions for Urbanized Lifestyles and Future Societies

Supporting the trend of urbanization with innovative solutions that improve convenience for all types of lifestyles.

Oil-Free Airplane Bearing (Impregnated Paper Lubricant)
Toughened lubricants for airplanes that can be used at a range of temperatures, and which simplify maintenance.
Low VOC Coatings
Improving the look and durability of products and their containers in an environmentally friendly, convenient fashion.
Using reinforcement resin and adhesive-promoting coatings that increase longevity and safety standards.
Large Tank
Ground-based tanks produced using rotomoulding techniques, resulting in lightweight, insulated products capable of managing temperatures effectively.
Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete
Using fiberglass instead of metal wiring to decrease weight while maintaining strength. This technique eradicates rust and means the concrete cannot conduct electricity.
EV Charging Stations
Produced using PC/ABS compounds alongside fire retardant materials
Bio-Based Flooring, Walls, and Sun Protection
Bio-Based Computer and Mobile Phone Cases
PCR PET: Food Packaging
Production of food packaging using PET recycled plastics
Using chemical and plastic materials in the construction industry


Disruptive Technology

Solutions to Improve Efficiency in All Areas of Technology

Innovations that turn ideas into reality to improve overall efficiency through technological solutions

Coating for Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Special coatings for circuit boards to improve the connections in mobile phones and electronic devices
Special New Water and Moisture Resistant Coatings
Used to improve product longevity and quality, while also reducing the stages involved in the production of chips, circuit boards, and electronic motor vehicles.
Innovative Additives
Bio-based additives to reduce the accumulation of static electricity
Composite Intelligent 3D Printing
Specially designed, highly accurate technology combining lightweight yet durable materials that can be used in the production of high-performance cars or airplanes, thus reducing overall waste.