09 December 2021

The Born to Be a Young Star Project by GC

This project develops the skills and abilities of young people in communities in Rayong so they are ready in their future careers. It instills a sense of shared pride and an understanding of the connection to the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC), contributing to the needs of the current and future job market.

“We need to increase our knowledge and skills to keep pace with the world, which continues to turn every day.”

The Born to Be a Young Star project by GC first took place in 2018 in our home, Rayong, and has been held for the past three years developing the skills of young graduates aged 20-27 helping with their future careers and improving their potential and capabilities to meet the needs of the current and future job market in local communities. It also allows them to take pride in the community they love and strengthens their knowledge and understanding of its connection with the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The project has been supported by the Young Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce (YEC Rayong) which provides career opportunities and inspiration to participants.

The project selects 60 young adults from the Rayong community each year to join a three-day, two-night camp that offers useful activities including team building, lectures, discussions, and workshops. Many participants are chosen to work in companies under GC Group and PTT Group.