09 December 2021

Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair (SACC)

In 2020, GC conducted activities to support the recruitment of potential employees and drive the Company’s success and image by participating in a recruitment campaign at the Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair (SACC) in England, organized by Samaggi Samagom. Through this new recruitment initiative, Thai students in the UK and those interested in joining the Company communicated through GC's recruitment channels including social media (Facebook, LINE and LinkedIn) learning how to prepare job applications, job interviews, the skills needed for different positions, and strategies to deal with challenges such as adapting to the ‘new normal’ at work. More than 8,000 people indicated their interest in working for GC through this recruitment campaign.

I joined the SACC, the GC’s recruitment activity, which held by Samaggi Samagom in the UK. This activity focused on recruiting new employees from Thai university students in the UK and also including the candidates who were interested in joining GC. I recognized this activity from various social media channels.

Don Kunanusorn, Turnaround Planner