17 October 2014

PTTGC Received Certificate for Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption Campaign (CAC)

Dr. Thasnalak Santikul, EVP-Corporate Affairs of PTT Global Chemical PCL. (PTTGC), represented the company in the receiving of certificate of Collective Action Against Corruption, or CAC, Campaign from Mr. Pramon Sutivong, Chairperson of Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand, in the 5th National Conference on Collective Action Against Corruption, together with representatives from other 31 companies eligible for CAC certificates. The event was co-hosted by Thai Institute of Directors, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Thai Bankers' Association, International Chamber of Commerce, Thai Listed Companies Association, Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations, The Federation of Thai Industries, and Tourism Council of Thailand on October 16th, 2014 at Crystal Hall, Plaza Ath Bangkok, Royal Méridien Hotel.

CAC is a campaign in which private companies voluntarily participate. At the end of Quarter3/2014, 362 companies declared their intentions to join CAC, 179 companies being listed companies and 78 companies being certified. The receiving of CAC certificate accentuated the joint force of Thai private sector in the battle against corruption and exemplified the concrete implementation of the policy against corruption in practice. Companies in PTT Group receiving CAC certificates included PTT, PTTEP, PTTGC, TOP, IRPC and BCP.