01 November 2011

PTTTGC's First Trading Day, the Moving Forwards Step to Become a Leading Chemical Company.

PTT Global Chemical Plc launched its first trading day under the abbreviated name as 'PTTGC' to become Thailand's largest chemical producer and chemical flagship of PTT Group and moving forwards to be Asia Pasific's chemical leading company with the higher potential in terms of size and product diversity.

Mr.Pichai Naripthaphan, Minister of Energy, presided over the First Trading Day of PTTGC at the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on 21 October 2011 along with Mr. Sompol Kiatphaibool, Chairman The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Dr.Pailin Chuchottaworn, President & CEO of PTT Plc, Mr. Prasert Bunsumpun, Chairman of PTT Global Chemical Plc, Mr. Veerasak Kositpaisal, CEO of PTT Global Chemical Plc and executive team.

PTT Global Chemical Plc has been affirmed by Fitch Ratings (Thailand) Limited for its national rating at Long-Term 'AA-(Tha)' while Moody's Investors Service affirmed PTTGC at 'Baa 2'. These reflected PTTGC's strength on its financial performance along with its higher product diversity.

Mr. Veerasal Kositpaisal, CEO of PTT Global Chemical Plc said that PTTGC's strengths including company's fully integrated production potential, ranging from upsteam to downstream, in Olefins and Aromatics product chains which will confirm company's potential on reducing volatility of raw materials product prices in chemical market.

PTT Global Chemical Plc executes its business value chain including the Upstream Business Group with petroleum products capacity of 228,000 barrels per day and petrochemical products capacity of 8.2 million tons, while its Downstream Business Group consists of Polymers production capacity of 1,590,000 tons per year and Ethylene Oxides production capacity of 495,000 tons per year, etc. Green Chemicals Business Group, mostly jointed venture with international companies i.e. SIME DARBY Malaysia, Emery Oleochemicals, for worldwide Oleochemical business, and Myriant Technologies USA- a strategic partner with a leading biotechnology to develop bio-technology for company green commercial products. The joint venture with Cargill USA with the investment in NatureWorks LLC, for bio-plastics business and the High Volume Specialties (HVS) i.e Phenol and Bisphenol-A. The company will nevertheless carry on developing high value products in the future.

PTT Global Chemical plc, Thailand's largest integrated petrochemical and refining company, is now moving forward to becoming a leading chemical producer.