15 September 2020

GC Supports the "Rayong Organic Living" Project Highlighting the GC Circular Living Concept through Organic Products

GC believes that the concept of the Circular Economy can be applied to any sector of society. The company therefore supports and encourages everyone who adopts a lifestyle based on GC Circular Living that emphasizes the sustainable use of natural resources.

On September 15, 2020, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, and Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Branding, Dr. Chaya Chandavasu, along with GC's team of executives came together to announce the company's support for Patom Organic Living through the "Rayong Organic Living" project. This innovative initiative is using the 'Sampran Model' as a prototype bringing together traditional and local know-how, together with innovations and technology to develop and produce Thai products under the organic and Circular Living concept. The products are produced using local organic feedstocks such as 'blady' grass, amomum villosum, bustard cardamom, beach morning glory, ginger, gotu kola, lime, and lemongrass grown by Hom Mahad group's organic farming network in the 'Khao Huay Mahad' area which is an important natural and water source in Rayong. The feedstocks are transformed by the Luffala Community Enterprise into four types of organic Thai products: shampoo, liquid soap, skincare cream, and hand soap. Also, 10% of the proceeds from sales are given to farmers and community enterprises to build more sustainable communities. GC plans to work with Patom Organic Living to create a marketing plan for product and packaging development providing a team of researchers, proprietary knowledge, and innovation.

Products from the 'Rayong Organic Living' project are on sale at the following shops:

  1. Customer Solution Center (CSC): 1st Floor, EnCo A Building
  2. Ecotopia, Siam Discovery
  3. Website and apps: Shopee, LAZADA, and JD Central. Online shop: LUFFALA_OFFICIAL
  4. Patom Organic Cafe (Thonglor and Suan Sampran branches)
  5. Line Official Account: Patom Organic Living