23 March 2024

In its 31st year, GC fosters dreams and support for the hopeful youth.

The country's future depends on the quality of its children and youth, but currently, there are increasing numbers of children and youth who do not have sufficient opportunities for physical and mental growth. Therefore, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), in collaboration with the For Friends Foundation and the Royal Thai Navy, has organized the “For Hopeful Children” Project to provide hope and encouragement to underprivileged children and youth to foster their growth into individuals with positive mindsets and qualities for the future.

Mr.Toasaporn Boonyapipat, Chief Operating Officer - Base and Intermediate Chemicals stated that GC is a leader in chemical innovation that aims to improve quality of life. The company is deeply committed to nurturing children and youth, the future pillars of the nation. It supports the For Friends Foundation in organizing the 31st “For Hopeful Children” project to enhance and develop the potential of children and youth through a 3-day, 2-night camp. This initiative promotes physical and mental development, fosters a good quality of life, determination, and hope for their future, and encourages appropriate expression. The project has involved over 900 underprivileged children and youth from more than 20 organizations nationwide, and more than 600 GC Group volunteers participated in the activities at Toey Ngam Beach, Naval Base in Sattahip District, Chonburi Province.

GC has been actively supporting the project for 16 years, with employees from the organization, business partners, and allies volunteering to assist with various activities. These efforts aim to bring knowledge and joy to the youth, fostering an awareness that everyone is valuable and can easily share kindness and compassion.

The activities designed to enhance knowledge and motivation include:

  1. Recreational games led by GC Group's volunteer employees.
  2. Beach activities for the children.
  3. A football clinic to improve soccer skills conducted by the PTT Academy.
  4. A "Little Firefighter" activity by NPC Safety and Environmental Service Co., Ltd.
  5. Naval adventure activities, including a visit to the HTMS Chakri Naruebet.

Additionally, 115 food, snack, and beverage stalls were managed by GC Group's executives, employees, partners, and generous contributors. These stalls were set up to create a memorable and joyful experience for the children and youth at the event.