04 August 2023

GC has enhanced its business efficiency by becoming the first company in Thailand to trade plastic resin through the Thai-Cambodian railway route.

GC is aware of a business operation that emphasizes the customer-centric approach by being responsive to the needs of customers and partners by focusing on the benefits and advantages that will accrue to customers. Consequently, GC has prepared and improved the efficiency of its business operations comprehensively.

The company conducted thorough studies and planning, initiating the transportation of plastic resin via the railway. This approach aims to reduce transportation costs, warehouse rental services for customers, and facilitate timely and expedited transportation, thereby minimizing the risk of product damage or delivery errors. Today, GC takes a step further by becoming the first company to trade plastic resin through the railway to Cambodia. This involves a transaction with UST Plastic Bottle Manufacturer, a major producer of bottled water packaging in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Additionally, GC plans to trade plastic resin to Laos in the future.

The freight train transporting goods from Thailand to Cambodia took place at the Ban Klong Luk Border Railway Station in Sa Kaeo Province for the first time on July 26, 2023. This operation was a collaboration between PTT Public Company Limited, Global Multimodal Logistics Company Limited (GML), and Royal Public Company Limited, with the support of the State Railway of Thailand, covering the railway route from Map Ta Phut to Ban Klong Luk, Poipet, and Phnom Penh.