12 May 2021

Techniques that make us Super Productive x10

Most people would define professional success as being efficient and productive in their daily work, and being able to clear away any obstacles that come their way. In addition, they would include good health and having the right work-life balance, being able to take time off for vacations to recharge and being able to develop themselves further to enhance their abilities on the job.

Being “productive” is not just about handling large volumes of work in a short amount of time. It’s about having a greater impact with “high efficiency” in the work you do. Below are three techniques to optimize your productivity to be at your best.

1. Prioritize work individually with a specific timeframe
There’s always lots of work to do in one day. But we often neglect to ask ourselves, “What is the most important thing we need to get done first?” It’s always best to write out a list and estimate the duration of each task. Then, it’s a matter of getting them done, one by one. In this way, you’re managing your time in the best way possible with your full potential. Try not to let anyone or any situation steal your time. It always tends to happen, so you need to have a back-up plan for any “waiting time” to ensure you get quickly get back on track.

2. Exercise regularly in the morning for good physical and mental health
It's good to exercise. But if you exercise in the early morning, your body will secrete various hormones. This keeps us mentally calm, conscious and positive, which has a huge impact on our work performance in the morning. Of course, it can be hard dragging yourself out of bed in the morning but if you can get into the habit, in addition to better health, you will feel more encouraged and confident.

3. Never stop learning and always be ready for Deep Reading
Self-development, self-education, or new experiences can be achieved through various approaches such as searching for information online including articles and podcasts – all of which are great for the brain. However, don’t stop reading the more traditional way, pick-up a book for at least 30 minutes a day with an eye to “deep reading.” The knowledge and understanding you gain from the stories you read will gradually be absorbed bit by bit. While one book may not provide complete answers, over time, the more you read, the more you will learn.

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