11 November 2013

Shares Purchase of Global Power Synergy Company Limited

(Translation) No. PTTGC FNA 029/2013 11 November 2013 Subject: Shares Purchase of Global Power Synergy Company Limited To: President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand Reference is made to the meeting of the Board of Directors of PTT Global Chemical Public Company ("the Company"), No.10/2013 dated 18 October 2013, resolved to approve on the shares purchase of 79,017,575 shares amounting to approximately 1,818 million Baht from Global Power Synergy Company Limited ("GPSC"), an associate company where the Company holds 30.31% of shares. In this regard, at the meeting No.7/2013 dated 11 November 2013, the Board of Directors of GPSC has approved on the capital increase and issuance of Right Offering shares. GPSC will offer the newly issued shares to the existing shareholders in proportion of their shareholding with the total offering amount of 6,000 million Baht with the purpose to support the expansion of power business, including investment and development consistent with GPSC's business strategy. After the completion of capital increase, GPSC's registered capital will be 11,237 million Baht and the Company will maintain the shareholding at around 30.31% in GPSC. The transaction is not a connected transaction and the size of the transaction is exempted from being disclosed under the rule, procedures and disclosure of information concerning the acquisition and disposition of assets of listed companies by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, but this report is in accordance with the disclosure of information and other acts of listed company. Please be informed accordingly (Patiparn Sukorndhaman) Executive Vice President - Finance and Accounting Corporate Finance and Investor Relations Tel. +66 (0) 2 265 8421, +66(0) 2 265 8574, +66 (0) 2 140 8714 ______________________________________________________________________ This announcement was prepared and disseminated by listed company or issuer through the electronic system which is provided for the purpose of dissemination of the information and related documents of listed company or issuer to the Stock Exchange of Thailand only. The Stock Exchange of Thailand has no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of any statements, figures, reports or opinions contained in this announcement, and has no liability for any losses and damages in any cases. In case you have any inquiries or clarification regarding this announcement, please directly contact listed company or issuer who made this announcement.