improving quality of life and resolving environmental and plastic waste issues, which will ultimately lead to a low-carbon and sustainable society. Therefore, the company supports and improves the society and neighbouring communities by building relationships and engagement with various sectors. We have also integrated innovation and expertise to conduct CSR projects, which are prioritized based on three key elements, namely better living, sharing, and ecology, and cover economic, social and environmental aspects: 1. Better Living GC has conducted the Community Waste Model project in collaboration with Wat Chaklukya Community Enterprise for Community Recycling Bank to set up the Recycle Hub in Wat Chak Luk Ya Community, which is the first model community in End-to-End Waste Management in Rayong province. This project employs the Social Enterprise Model and the YOUTURN platform. Subsequently, the project collected over 50,000 kilograms of recyclable waste per year, promoted employment, created jobs for the community and generated an income of more than 440,000 baht per year for the Social Enterprise. Therefore, GC plans to further implement the project in other communities. 2. Sharing GC shares ideas and innovations to create value for communities and the society so that they may grow sustainably alongside industries. The company has collaborated with the Luffala Community Enterprise, the Nong Fab Community, and Hom Mahad Group, the Khao Phudon-Khao Huai Mahad community to develop eco-friendly products, such as LUFFALA Room Diffuser: Recreation Series. This collaboration takes into account the concept of sustainability and connects the environment, community, society and economy from upstream to downstream. The project uses organic methods to promote the cultivation of four herbs: Mint, Bustardcardamon, White mugwort, and Tayoy cardamom which found at Khao Huai Mahad in Rayong province under the Rayong Organic Living Program which employs the Smart Farming concept to control cultivation quality in order to acquire herbs of the highest quality for essential oil extraction. The extracted essential oil is then used to produce room diffuser by combining GC’s Green Solvent innovation. It is, then, aromatized until the Luffala signature scent is achieved. 3. Ecology GC has joined forces with our partners , which includes governmental agencies, academic institutions and local communities to carry out the “GC Collaborative Community-based Water Management” project in Rayong province since 2017. The project aims to alleviate floods and droughts, contribute to the provision of sufficient clean water for consumption, and raise local awareness about conserving water sources and using water wisely through various activities. For example, check dams have been constructed with GC’s plastic flapped sacks to enhance water drainage efficiency, reduce sediment accumulation, and lower risks of flooding. Furthermore, GC has also conducted the Groundwater Bank project (closed system) to relieve the problems of saltwater intrusion as well as floods and droughts for orchard farmers by recharging rainfall into the ground. This helps create water security by using nature to help nature. GC holds a long-term goal to demonstrate responsibility towards the society, focusing 70 percent of the efforts on social development in creating business value and 30 percent on donations to the society. Ultimately, we aim towards becoming the Partner of Choice by 2025. 95 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX