Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) GC values the opinions, suggestions and expectations of our customers through collaborative product innovation projects in order to directly respond to the demands of customers and markets. Therefore, we have initiated various communication channels, such as Voice of Customer (VoC), CRM Mobile Application and Customer Solution Center (CSC). In 2021, GC has provided consultation to customers through the Visual Tour platform to facilitate customers in product development. Furthermore, GC is committed to grow sustainably with our strategic partners who are brand owners as well as expand cooperation in product development to educational institutions and government agencies in an effort to create opportunities in product development, expand trade opportunities and amplify customer base. GC has employed customers’ recommendations to enhance the efficiency of our customer relationship management by surveying customer satisfaction using the eQTM Index in accordance with universal standards in performance tracking. According to the survey, GC has continuously maintained customer satisfaction at 93 percent, which is higher than the average of other companies in the same industrial group. Innovation Management, Sustainable Product and Service Development GC strives to research, develop and seek new technology and innovation to maintain our competitiveness and raise our capacity to the leading level in tandem with reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within 2050. This year, the focus of GC’s innovation management has been shifted towards three main aspects, namely 1) New Technology Uplift, 2) Marketfocused Innovation and 3) Breakthrough Technology via Technology Integrator. Furthermore, GC has establised an innovation research and development network to collaborate with leading organizations in developing high quality products that enhance performance and increase sustainability values for new products to meet customers’ demands. At the same time, such action enhances production efficiency and contributes to our decarbonization efforts. In 2021, GC has invested over 8 million USD through startup and venture capital funds to accelerate its innovation capability in area of advanced material and sustainability. GC aims to develop sustainable products and services based on the Circular Economy principles by creating eco-friendly products, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas throughout the product’s life cycle and creating product circularity. We also create awareness in the management of used plastics in collaboration with our partners to promote recycling and upcycling with the highest efficiency while placing customers and stakeholders at the center of our business. We also consider the impact on the society, economy and environment throughout the life cycle in response to the need to elevate consumers’ quality of life alongside business growth and the company’s sustainability. Examples of outstanding innovations in 2021 include Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Resin, which is high quality plastic product moulded from used HDPE plastic resin. This promotes the concept of Circular Economy, reduces the use of resources and energy, and lowers waste generation. It is estimated that the product will create a revenue of more than 750 million baht while reducing waste intended for landfill disposal by over 50,000 tons in 2024. Additionally, GC has developed high flow rotational molding grade plastic. This innovation requires low production energy and leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the production process. However, the plastic still retains its easy-to-shape features. Such plastic is suitable for the moulding of high quality products, for example, furnitures, plant pots, garden accessories, childrens’ toys or engineering parts. SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT IN THE ECONOMIC DIMENSION 96 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021