Organization Transformation GC strives to attract and retain high performance employees in tandem with developing their skills and capabilities and also supporting well-being for all employees to support our business growth and prepare the company to tackle business transformations in a timely manner. It also supports GC’s business strategy to grow sustainably and to position ourselves as one of the leading organizations in the chemicals industry that attract high capability persons. GC emphasizes on three areas of resource management namely people, organization and culture. SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT IN THE SOCIAL DIMENSION People GC target s to enhance emp l oyee performance and retain talents which contribute towards the organization’s success according to current and future business directions. The implementation of the Lean Process Improvement Project to improve the company’s work process, leverage digi ta l i zat ion to enhance appropriate workforce planning. Focusing on Reskilling and Upskilling to enhance employee capability consistent with the company’s direct ions and focus on enabling all employees to self-educate. Additionally, GC places importance on recruiting high calibers align with business demand and provide care to ensure getting good experience throughout their life cycle in the organization. Organization Adhering to the “Fi t, Fast, Flexible & Effective” approach, GC has adjusted organization structure to allow faster decisionmaking in response to the company’s present and future strategies. GC focuses on a more flexible working and type that can handle rapidly changing business environment. Additionally, GC has strengthened the “Work from Home” (WFH) through improved work process and enhanced working tools to enable more efficiency in WFH. At the same time, we have also implemented smart office with a more modern format that is consistent with the new work envi ronment for employees. Culture GC fosters a corporate culture that is in line with the GC SPIRIT and the 4 Core Behaviors by setting up theme “Conviction to Change: Speed with Challenge Status Quo”. GC continues to foster a corporate culture that is in line with the GC SPIRIT and the 4 Core Behaviours. The theme in 2021 is “Conviction to Change: Speed with Challenge Status Quo”. Our corporate culture is driven by projects and activities to prepare employees to cope with fast changes and acknowledging the company’s directions and goals. 93 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX