In addition, GC Group’s plants won the Outstanding Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment Award: Gold Level for the 23rd consecutive year (1998-2021), testifying to GC’s national outstanding safety performance. Thanks to the extensive safety, occupational health, and environmental management, GC’s 2021 safety performance was ranked in the first quartile internationally with the Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) of 0.12 person per 200,000 working hours. Furthermore, GC also adjusted its operation management, stressed the importance of adherence to safety principles among employees and contractors through these projects, and encouraged its employees and contractors to participate in safety projects at all levels, with the ultimate goal of becoming a zero-accident organization. 1.2) Process Safety GC has jointly established the PSM Long Range Plan with DuPont, a leading company that is globally reputable for operational safety to elevate the Process Safety Management (PSM) standard towards world-class PSM and achieve high plant reliability as well as to prevent loss from Process Safety Incidents. In 2021, the outstanding PSM project were Operational Discipline Project and the PSM Deep Dive Assessment Project. Operational Discipline: OD GC focuses on the employee mindset by providing knowledge, building understanding and continuously promoting operational discipline, and has established operational discipline projects since 2020 in order to develop strengths and positive qualities in GC’s Executives and employees at all levels, covering four major areas: Leadership, Process, Standard, and Culture: 1) Leadership Developing leaders who are inspirational and set a good example of following safe work practices for employees across the organization. 2) Process Using innovations and developing experts (SMEs) on proactive accident management and prevention to enable employees to analyze dangers or irregularity in the process as well as investigate the true cause of the incident as to prevent process safety incidents and establish effective preventive measures. 3) Standard Strengthening the Process Safety Management (PSM) System and sharing knowledge to employees, suppliers, and contractors to enable them to monitor and oversee safety practices within the organization by themselves. 4) Culture Integrating the safety culture and safety systems into one by fostering operational discipline. PSM Audit/Assessment System Development Project and PSM Deep Dive Assessment Project GC has cooperated with advisors from DuPont in developing the PSM Audit/Assessment so that it become robust by focusing on developing (1) the capacity of the auditors, (2) tools and methods of assessment which are important parts to create sustainability of the operation of production process safety. In addition, GC has set up a plan to conduct site validation by the PSM Deep Dive Assessment to deeply evaluate the PSM management system in the OLE3 and Phenol operation areas. In this connection, GC will take the assessment result to its consideration to determine the strength level of its PSM management system with an aim to reach a world-class practice. From the intention to continuously develop and enhance the operational safety of the production process, the operation results of the Company has been excellent. 1.3) Fire-fighting and Emergency Crisis Emergency Mutual Aid Group: EMAG GC is a founding member of the Emergency Mutual Aid Group (EMAG), established as a center for industries in Map Ta Phut municipality, to cooperate and support others in emergencies. GC actively participated in drafting an Emergency Plan for Rayong and an Emergency Action Plan for Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Group. In collaboration with a group of industrial plants in Map Ta Phut, GC conducted emergency drills at the provincial level and carried out evacuation dri l ls in nearby communities. In addition, the Company designated employees with expertise in emergency response and mitigation to support the Governor of Rayong, Rayong Province Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, Map Ta Phut Municipality, and a number of industrial plants in Map Ta Phut to help support the community in developing their emergency plans and conducting drills in case an accident arises in the plant and affects the community. 174 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021