Framework Improvement: monitoring the results of operation under the Multi-Level Governance Principles or supervising the subsidiaries at all levels under the GC Way of Conduct by monitoring the operation of the subsidiaries which have established their own way of conduct in line with the GC Way of Conduct to ensure the supervision and constructive suggestions, based on their business risks and in line with investment objectives and business strategies of GC Group. Execut ion & Assessment: establ ishing and communicating working plans and setting up assessment on the operation in accordance with the GC Way of Conduct by employing the Apply & Explain principle, and having the subsidiaries conduct their self-assessment to evaluate the consistency of its operation and set standards of operations of GC Group. Monitoring & Reporting: monitoring and reporting on the progress of operation in accordance with the 2021 GC Way of Conduct to the Management Committee. (5) Holding the GC Way of Conduct (WoC) Site Visit sessions to audit the operation in accordance the GC Way of Conduct of 8 target subsidiaries, i.e., GCM, GCL, NPC S&E, SUN, GGC, GC-M PTA, TPRC and TTT to create confidence, clarity and understanding in the operations under the GC Way of Conduct to executives and relevant persons, such as the Governance Area Owners, BU Governance and Corporate Risk Management and Internal Control System Team (GC Way of Conduct Focal Point), to create channels for update on the operation of the subsidiaries, and to exchange experiences and learn about the operations within the subsidiaries and CG team and that such matters are acknowledged and brought up for developing the GC Way of Conduct to that it can be used efficiently with a subsidiary as appropriate based on its business. (6) Establishing the “GC Way of Conduct (WoC) Site Visit Close Out as a common ground between the executives and relevant persons of the subsidiaries and GC team in order to successfully carry out the operation in line with the GC Way of Conduct in accordance with the set objectives. (7) Establishing GC Way of Conduct webpage to the Share Point System which serves as system improvement in order to increase channels for receiving information and news relating to GC Way of Conduct updating regularly and promptly, including communication, GC Way of Conduct contents, frequently asked questions and contact points, etc., whereby every GC employees including the relevant employees of the subsidiaries can access such database any time. ENSURING COMPLIANCE WITH CORPORATE GOVERNANCE POLICY AND PRACTICES GC considers good corporate governance a priority and has thus established and included relevant policies and practices in its Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct Handbook. The Company also promotes its adoption to foster confidence among GC’s stakeholders. In 2021, GC conducted various activities to ensure compliance with the corporate governance policy of GC and GC Group. From the monitoring results, the Company has fully operated in accordance with the Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct as follows: (1) DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION AND TRANSPARENCY GC is committed to transparent and timely disclosure of accurate and complete information, financially and non-financially, to stakeholders in conformity to applicable laws, rules, and regulations via the SET Link and the Company’s website at www.pttgcgroup.com. Its Investors Relations (IR) and Corporate Secretary (CS) are in charge of information disclosure and addressing inquiries. Disclosure of Material Information in Form 56-1 One Report Financial Information: GC’s financial statements are audited by a professional auditor for the accuracy of their material information and conformance to financial auditing standards. Each set of financial statements has been approved by the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors before its disclosure to shareholders and the public. The Board of Directors’ statement on the accountability of its financial reports is disclosed alongside the auditor’s report in Form 56-1 One Report. Non-financial Information: Non-financial information includes the operating structure of GC Group, risk management, business operations for sustainability, corporate governance, and material information about the Board of Directors, Sub-committees, Executives, and employees. Channels for the Disclosure of Essential Information in Thai and English The SET Link; 170 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021