BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX GC’s website, www.pttgcgroup.com, where channels for contacting the Board and other divisions are also fully and clearly displayed as well as timely updated; Information and news were disclosed to stakeholders via E-mail, exhibitions, press release, and other activities, such as newspapers and social media. Investor Relations: The Investor Relations Department serves as the center of communication, where essential information is made known to shareholders, institutional and minor investors, analysts, and relevant regulatory authorities. It also oversees the quality of financial reporting processes and essential information that could affect the price of its securities, such as financial statements, performance results, earnings reports and quarterly and annual Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A). These are all indicators of the Company’s financial standing, performance, and future trends. The Investor Relations Department also manages the disclosure of information via the SET Community Portal to foreign and domestic investors. Furthermore, an Investor Relations Code of Conduct has been established to determine the roles and best practices that enable investor relations officers to treat all shareholders equitably. In 2021, GC’s Executives regularly met with shareholders, financial analysts, investors, and employees through activities adapted to the new normal in order to present GC’s performance. These activities included analyst meetings, domestic and international roadshows, and retail-investor events. Below is a summary of these events: Investor Meetings Investor Meetings through virtual roadshows / conferences 32 times Meetings with Financial Analysts 5 times Teleconferences 35 times Information Disclosure Disclosure via SET Portal and Company Website 62 times Activities Basic Training with Financial Analysts 2 times Investors or interested persons may contact the Company via the following channels for more information: (1) Mail : Investor Relations Department, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited 555/1 Energy Complex, Building A, 14th-18th Floors, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 (2) Phone : 66 (0) 2265-8400 ext. 8172, 8665, 8513, 8533 and 8534 (3) E-mail : ir@pttgcgroup.com (4) Fax : 66 (0) 2265-8500 (5) Website : www.pttgcgroup.com In addition, the Company offers swift and convenient communication via E-mail. The E-mail address is displayed on the Company website under “Corporate Governance”. Shareholders, investors, and the public may contact the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee directly. They may also contact the Company Secretary for company information at cg@pttgcgroup.com. (2) ENVIRONMENTAL, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT With its operations abiding by the quality, security, safety, occupational health, environment, and business continuity policy (QSHEB policy) in accordance with international standards and based on good corporate governance principles and strict adherence to applicable standards, regulations and laws on safety, occupational health and environment, GC Group has won praises and honors. This is a testimony to our commitment to business practices that strive for excellence. QUALITY, SECURITY, SAFETY, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY POLICY PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited aspires to be the Leading International Chemical Company that harnesses innovation and environmentally-friendly technology in striving towards becoming the role model organization that develops and sustainably grows with determined responsibility to our presided economy, society, and environment. GC is committed to continually 171