BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX No. Name - Surname PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) Position Bonus 2021 (Baht) Total (Baht) Meeting Allowance (Including Monthly Allowance) (Baht) 1 Mr. Don Wasantapruek Independent Director/ Chairman of the Nominating Committee 1,260,000.00 412,500.00 3,758,894.11 5,431,394.11 DIRECTORS’ REMUNERATION FOR DIRECTORSHIP AT MAJOR SUBSIDIARIES The Company’s Directors hold directorships at subsidiaries to ensure that their businesses are operated in compliance with GC Group’s policies. Name - Surname Position Total Remuneration PTTGC International Private Limited (100% owned subsidiary) Mr. Kongkrapan Intarajang Chairman 15,000 SGD Global Green Chemicals Public Company Limited (72.29 shareholding) Mr. Kongkrapan Intarajang Chairman Baht 823,619.59 GOVERNANCE OF SUBSIDIARIES AND AFFILIATES The Board of Directors has implemented the following governance mechanisms for overseeing the management and operation of GC’s subsidiaries and affiliates to protect the Company’s interests and investments. (1) The Chief Executive Officer and President has the authority to establish policies, guidelines, conditions, and methods needed to appoint an employee or individual as a Director of companies under GC Group as part of the Company’s human resource management regulations. Those appointed are entrusted with the responsibility of acting in the best interests of the organization where he or she serves as Director. (2) Ensuring that any major policies of companies under GC Group, such as Corporate Governance Policy, Corporate Compliance Policy, Finance, Accounting, Tax and Budget Policy, Quality, Security, Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Business Continuity Policy, Human Resources Management Pol icy, Sustainabi l i ty Management Pol icy, Risk Management Policy and Internal Control Policy, as well as any other relevant policies, are in compliance with the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission and any other relevant laws. (3) Reviewing the implementation of the “GC Way of Conduct” to use as guidelines for practices and supervision of companies in which GC hold shares, deployed via GC’s representatives that have been appointed as director or management of such subsidiary, or via the internal department responsible for supervising the subsidiary. (4) The 2021 GC Way of Conduct Work Plan was established and communicated to the management and governance units in companies in GC Group as well as to GC Way of Conduct coordinators, who are responsible for driving the adoption of GC’s operational standards in companies in GC Group, to standardize governance and management practices and to ensure that they are connected and have the same direction. For 2021, the GC Way of Conduct can be summarized as follows: Remuneration for the Year 2021 Sub-Committee Meeting Allowance (Baht) REMUNERATION RECEIVED BY THOSE SERVING AS INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS OF A PARENT COMPANY GC’s Independent Director who is an Independent Director of PTT Public Company Limited, the parent company, received remuneration as follows: 169