BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX Employee Relation To give employees a happy working life and foster employee engagement, GC has carried out well-being projects since 2018 to take care of its employees in terms of health, wealth, and mindfulness by adjusting various activities to comply with the WFH as follows: Organize a virtual meeting to create an understanding of the existing welfare (ER ma Share) and review the healthcare benefits. Hold a quarterly meeting of the Welfare Committee through the MS Teams to build relationships and understandings between the Company and its employees. Arrange the V-Health application provided by the health insurance companies and hospitals to offer online treatment services (Virtual Teleconsultant) through the “Consult on Screen and Wait for Medicine at Home” project. Organize activities to promote physical, mental and financial management through various online channels as well as the mental health hotline for employees and their families through the MS Teams, including the Tele Physio program: Conquer the Office Syndrome, the Online Talk activities and the games created to provide the employees the selfexamination, stress and financial management courses, such as the Financial Mentors, the Investment Planning for Wealth and the Debt Management programs, etc. Furthermore, GC also encourages employees to enhance employee morale and to award long service employees to honor their loyalty in the occasion of their work completion, as well as various provisions to personnel who will happily retire as follows: Prepare an Exit Interview to make surveys on the employees’ opinions for further improvement, sustain the welfare and various matters and create a good experience for the employees. Organize the Knowledge Sharing to transfer knowledge and experiences of the retiring employees onto the current employees and prepare them for retirement in the future through the Happy Retirement Project 2021 to provide useful knowledge such as financial management and self-care for health. Provide useful knowledge such as health care, financial management and Outplacement Program for the MSP employees. Caring for the employees during the COVID-19 pandemic GC is concerned about the health of all employees. Therefore, various measures have been continuously issued since before the outbreak of COVID-19 until now, to ensure their safety during the COVID-19 pandemic: COVID-19 insurance has been provided to personnel considered to be in the risk group under the criteria of the Ministry of Health. At-risk employees are requested to take a COVID-19 test; the insurance covers all medical expenses if they test positive. A lock-up measure has been introduced for personnel working in sensitive areas or control rooms, and the “Chit Chat” activity has been organized to allow them to meet their families. Certain groups of employees have been assigned to Work from Home (WFH) to reduce risks. Measures have been introduced to heighten safety in office areas, such as mandatory face masks, screening points, temperature checks, and office space redesigning to ensure physical distancing. Provide home-delivery service to ensure that all employees have protective health equipments such as the alcohol sprays, medical face masks and the Antigen Test Kits. 2. ORGANIZATION GC is aimed to enhance business operation with the Fit, Fast, Flexible & Effective to respond to the Company’s business strategy both in present and in the future. In 2021, GC has taken the following actions: 2.1 Organization Restructuring for Quick Decision Making Designing an organizational structure to support long-term business strategy focusing on the sustainability of business growth, including the high-value products business, the enhancement of responding to the customers’ demands, the business expansion to the international level and the support for long-term strategies to challenge the Net Zero Target of the green house gas emissions. These plans are implemented to ensure that GC organization structure encourages the quick decision making, the agility and increased efficiency in operation of all departments, in order to achieve more competitiveness throughout the Value Chain. Embed a management of change process to ensure smooth organization restructuring, minimize risks amd impacts from organization restructuring, and to ensure smooth execution by executives and other employees in their new assignments. 149