Driving organizational agi l ity through Cross Functional Initiative that allow employees to propose new ideas, focusing on enhancing the speed and operational efficiency according to business needs. 2.2 Work from Home (WFH) Annoucing Work from Home (WFH) as a new regular way of working for the office workers in order to create more flexibility that suits the current situation and meet the needs of new generations of employees, as well as conducting employee opinion surveys both on the working and living aspects to improve tools, systems and technologies such as the e-Signature, the HR systems to enhance employees’ efficiency. GC has announced a WFH manual. The purpose of the WFH Manual is to describe duties and responsibilities of both the supervisors and employees under WFH and to support employees in all aspects. In addition, to reduce the stress of employees from working the long hours or from meetings, GC therefore arranges the “Say Yes to No-Meeting Hours” project by stipulating that every Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. is a meeting-free period, so that the employees can manage their own works, self-study or join activities etc. Set up the Smart Office to in line with the new working conditions of the employees, to provide working flexibility by continually conducting the opinion surveys and adopt technologies to improve tools and systems, such as an arrangement of Functional Seat where employees can sit and work without having to be assigned of specific seats. In this regard, the Company has arranged the LAN cables and Wi-Fi to be accessible from every seat and prepared the Meeting Pods for the convenience of conferences via MS Teams, responding to the conditions of the New Normal era to provide employees with convenience and flexibility when working in the office. 3. CULTURE GC drives GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors through communication, day-to-day activities, and fundamental systems in order to gear all employees and process to one direction to uplifting company performance. Ultimately, all these lead to GC vision “To be a Leading Global Chemical Company for Better Living.” In doing this, GC has worked to promote the Executives as role models, such as organizing a workshop for reviewing the carrying out of GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors under the 2021 theme, which was the “Conviction to Change: Speed ​with Challenge Status Quo”. A Culture Talk session wa s organized to exchange knowledge from the top executives. The executives have also conveyed their vision, mission and direction through the Narrative Speech to inspire other employees. The VDO lead by example was created to portray perspectives in the team building to follow the GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors. In addition, there have also been working groups of the Culture Committee and the Change Agent performing to drive culture throughout the organization. These were various activities, such as organizing a Change Agent Virtual Outing to achieve the drive in corporate culture policies via the Change Agents, who also produced various initiatives to promote the GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors in each function and conducted concrete achievement measurements, to ensure that the organizational culture building process has reached the desired results. For examples, the Culture Survey, the GC Hero, the GC Team Hero, and the 360-degree assessment were done by the supervisors, the co-workers, and subordinates in order to achieve clearer assessments which will be able to reflect expected behaviors of the employees. The results of the assessments were then analyzed to find areas that need improvements and used for further employee developments. Moreover, the company has prepared an e-Culture Playbook as a tool to create common understandings into practice and creating the comprehensions of various matters such as the reasons and the needs to embrace “Change” for the better, the concept of “Change” for better behaviors, including the scenarios to practice to “Change” together. GC has also organized a Chit Chat session with a Change Agent for them to understand and exchange opinions or ideas gained from reading the e-Culture Playbook so that they can be conveyed and pushed for concrete changes in their line of works in the future. GC strives to promote a happy work life, better living, as well as safety and occupational health for its employees. GC has also been committed to improving and enhancing its organizational and personnel management capabilities as people are the most valuable resources to GC’s strong and sustainable growth. 150 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021