In 2021, GC participated in the Samaggi Virtual Careers Fair (SACC) with the Samaggi Samagom which was the first time in organizing a Career Fair through an online channel to promote awareness of the Company’s image among Thai students of high potential in the UK by organizing a Live Session, allowing the students to speak with GC representatives from five different fields, all of whom are performers from the Synergos project, to share their challenging GC experiences. Organized a GC Virtual Open House 2021 event, “The First Step to a DreamCareer” to welcome students from the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, under theChAMPEngineering (Chulalongkorn Alumni Mentorship Program). The session was done via MS Teams system to display an overview business of GC Groups and to share experiences by GC representatives from various interesting positions such as Data Scientist and Researcher. There was also a session offering advice on techniques for a job application preparation and job interviews. In addition, GC continues to create Social Media Content Engagement through recruiting channels such as Facebook, Line and LinkedIn to inspire and provide knowledge for preparation in the New Normal era, in accordance with the Company’s strategy to Upskill/ Reskill, such as a positive attitudes leading to success, key skills GC looks for, professional presentation techniques and etc. Moreover, the company has prepared to adjust the recruitment process to support the Personal Data Protection Act that will be effective in 2022. Other supports for the employees The Company appropriately takes care of its employees in various aspects throughout their life cycles, in line with the internal and external environments to create a good working experience for employees as follow: Performance Management System To motivate employees to sprint their capability in order to bring the best of achievement, GC integrated activities of performance management system end to end process and policy. GC has reviewed, improved, and integrated its performance assessment system through the performance assessment policy, beginning with setting the annual goals, followed by conducting the mid-year reviews and year-end assessments. Also, GC has cascaded KPI (Key Performance Indicator) from the Company’s goals to the top management personnel’s goals. KPI alignment is also conducted within each to ensure the standard. Moreover, Periodic performance check-ins are also enforced, allowing supervisors to monitor the progress of their supervisees and to offer assistance whenever needed at least every quarter. This is to support the practice of WFH to encourage supervisors to conduct coaching with their subordinates such as appreciation, prioritization and encouragement in order to develop the potential of and enhance performance. After the year-end assessment is conducted, supervisors compare the outcome with the results of the peer review to identify disparity, which affects the annual salary adjustment according to the company’s remuneration policy. GC has developed a performance appraisal system to be up-to-date and more user-friendly for better usage along different steps of the appraisal system via mobile phones or tablets in addition to Personal Computer (PCs) or notebooks. The system also prompts users to review and propose improvements to KPIs during the year to increase the dynamics. In 2021, the performance appraisal for those appointed for Special Assignment was also implemented to promote Rewards & Recognitions, build the employees’ morale and encourage better performance. It also facilitates the Agile working style and cross-function works. Furthermore, to ensure that these assessments truly lead to continuous development, GC has integrated individual development planning into the employee performance assessment system. This is achieved by adding to the performance assessment system a communication channel through which employees can express their own wishes regarding their career in the next 1-3 years. Their wishes are then taken into account in the consideration of job rotations, people development, and future recruitment. Remuneration GC offer competitive remuneration and benefits to its employees compared to leading companies in the same industry. The Company participates in the Remuneration Survey conducted by the benefit and compensation consultants every year, to achieve information and maintain competitiveness, especially when compared to companies in the Oil & Gas business. In addition, the appropriate remuneration is determined in accordance with the performance and duties to create utmost efficiency and effectiveness for both the Company and the employees. In this regard, GC has provided information and supported the preparation of the salary structure of the companies in the group and the joint ventures to ensure a provision of comparable remuneration policy, comparing to other companies in the same business and in line with GC Group Companies. 148 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021