BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX and able to build a business network. GC has defined the Top Talent employees into three groups as follows: 1) Track 1: Organic Growth Driver (a group with potential growth according to the current structure of the organization): This group emphasizes on the development of professional knowledge and skills (Professional Certification Development) for the benefit of the Company, as well as being evident in that body of knowledge both within and outside the Company and create a concrete Return on Investment. 2) Track 2: GC NextGEN (a group with potential of advancing into new business): This group focuses on developing skills and mindsets for the GC’s new business operations. In the past year, the target staffs were developed through the GC NextGEN Program, which is a Hackathon and Pitching learning method for the Business Idea Challenge that can be elaborated into a business generating income for the Company. 3) Scholarship employee for whom the Company provides scholarships of master’s and doctorate degrees in world-leading universities in subject areas that are in line with the company’s strategy, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, polymers, advanced chemicals, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and cyber law. Increase learning opportunities for all employees to have accesses to self-learning platforms. GC focuses on employee development through various forms of learning in order to promote practical application, which includes individual development plans (IDP) and a 24/7 digital learning platform where employees could learn anywhere and anytime. In this regard, GC has prepared a variety of projects to develop knowledge, abilities and potentials of employees. It has begun to arrange the e-Learning Platform (UP Platform), allowing more courses to be organized with more versatilities, as well as more joining applicants in the programs. Furthermore, GC encourages the English skill development to enhance the English skills and knowledge. GC has employed an online application developed by VOXY, a language institute recognized by the world’s leading educational institutions. 1) Manage the e-Learning system for new hire emploees as follows: The Self-Orientation Program for new employees which can be self-learned via the Company’s online system, including the Inside HR and the e-Learning Platform (UP Platform). Strong Start for New VP & DM is an online learning system in the form of Blended Learning between the e-Learning and the assigned activities under supervisions of a mentor throughout the 90-day period for the appointed employee to take up the position and be prompted with the basic knowledge necessary for working in a management position. 2) Set up the Internal Instructor Development projects to Upskill/Reskill to create and transfer knowledge in various forms to promote the self-learning of the employee for GC to become a learning organization in the future. These projects include: STAR Interviewer Certified Trainer Program which is an internationally developed program of the world’s leading institutions to create internal lecturers and supervisors at all levels and equip them with the ability to interview for recruitment of the new potential employees and ef fect ive select ions for the employees’ promotions. GC Basic Internal Instructor Program which is a course to develop internal lecturers who are Subject Matter Experts in various fields to be able to act as professional lecturers. Content Influencer which is a course that develops employees who desire to create an e-Learning Content that responds to self-learning in the Learning Management System. 1.3 Recruitment Strategy To drive corporate strategies towards success critical position to sustain business growth. In addition, GC shall not employ government officers, according to the anti-corruption policy. This year, various projects were undertaken such as: Mid-Career Candidate Pool which is designed to expand the database of applicants among those with 3-5 years of experiences such as researchers, analysts, business planners, workers in Maintenance and Engineering Group, the Process Technology Group and the Sales Group. Joining the Virtual Conferences due to the situation of COVID-19. Applicants can join the virtual recruitment event such as: 147