infrastructure to support the business in parallel with the development of skills and abilities. GC plans the manpower framework to suit the organizational missions and control the company’s manpower ratio by reviewing the vacancies to replace resigned and retired staffs to ensure proper and sufficient manpower and continuously operate the business, in accordance with the situation, vision and strategy of the organization, as well as the response of the needs to step into the digital era for the maximum benefit of the company’s business operations. 1.2 Upskill/Reskill The Upskill/Reskill development are arranged to ensure knowledge and skills of the staff in consistent with the directions and requirements of the Company. GC categorizes important knowledge and skills into three groups as follows: Corporate Course: Legal courses and the Company’s basic policies Leadership Learning Solution: Courses for leadership skills development Functional Learning Solution: Courses to develop skills that are relevant to the responsibilities set for each position Furthermore, GC also organizes various courses to enhance new skills and knowledge. The key development programs including Data Science and Engineering Program which aims to develops skills in data analysis for employees at all levels to develop data-oriented personnel. In addition, to create and maintain the “Valued employee with the expected performance and behavior” who will drive business for the next generation, GC has also set up a Talent Management system that focuses on enhancing leadership and the six characteristics of future leaders: agility, resilience, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, mobility and language proficiency. Therefore, the Company pushes its Top Talent employees to be responsible to design and plan for a Self-Directed Learning program for such employees to come up with innovative ideas and for the entrepreneurs to be inspired and bring out new knowledge for the Company’s benefits PEOPLE MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT POLICY Healthy organization and people are an important mechanism to augment our competitiveness and enhance effective contribution to operational excellence. While serving corporate domestic and international growth, enabling us to fullfill our aspiration “To be a Leading Global Chemical Company for Better Living.” GC is determined to prepare organization and people readiness to meet future business needs and ensure expected result as planned. GC has developed HR strategy in corporated with GC Group’s people direction, strategic business directions and corporate goals for the utmost effective and efficient management in three major areas focusing on people, organization, and culture with the following actions: 1. PEOPLE GC is committed to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of business today and in the future. In 2021, the following actions have been taken: 1.1 Manpower Plan Strategy The improvement of work processes, focusing on the Lean & Process Improvement through the FiT project. GC established the “FiT” project which focuses on the Lean & Process Improvement on an End to End process to increase Efficiency, Productivity and Agility of the process with the aim of the results as follows: 1) Efficient working process managements and effective operating models 2) Data network across the organization 3) Accurate, fast and efficient decision-making process 4) Quality, skillful and knowledgeable personnel to keep pace with changes Adoptation of digital technology as a strategic driver of the organization (Digitalization) through the implementation of various projects to harvest added values, aiming for four Smart goals which are (a) Smart Plant, (b) Smart Sales & Marketing, (c) Smart Work Process and (d) Smart Workplace. This includes improving and modernizing the EMPLOYEES 146 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021