In collaboration with banking institutions, GC has utilized blockchain to manage documents and letters of guarantee with secured measures for tracking any alteration to the creditors’ data to prevent cybersecurity risks and ensure that all transactions are accurate and appropriate. In addition, GC has worked together with a group of banks to employ E-Withholding tax system to allow creditors to be able to verify information on the Revenue Department’s system by themselves. GC has also enforced a new standard for companies in GC Group requiring that they comply with the conditions between GC and creditors to ensure adherence to defined procedures, prudence, and accountability. For financial institutions and debenture holders, GC gives equal opportunities for all financial institutes to propose transactions and maintains independence in decision making. It also acts on the basis of correctness without requesting, accepting, or offering any undue benefits in contacting financial institutions and debenture holders. All information of events related to GC’s businesses is also regularly disclosed to financial institutions, debenture holders, and institutional investors. GC also fosters relations with creditors through series of activities every year. Public Sector Recognizing the significance of the public sector as one of its stakeholders, GC has established a policy on the treatment of the public sector in the countries in which it invests so as to avoid adverse consequences. This policy has been included in the Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct Handbook. GC is committed to comply with laws, rules, and governmental regulations in obtaining supports for our business activities, including (1) our strategies, such as, carrying forward rules, regulations and standards and cooperating in joint projects, and (2) our ordinary business operation, such as, permits, benefits, and concessions according to applicable laws, rules, and regulations as well as established procedures, processes, and practices. Al l contacts and communication with the public sector, including local authorities and state enterprises, must be transparent, with full disclosure of accurate information as per governmental requirements. To this end, GC has adopted the Online Permits & Privilege Licenses System in the planning and monitoring of operation progress to ensure compliance with governmental rules, regulations, and conditions. GC has a l so es t ab l i shed an emergency communication center, which is connected to Rayong’s local communication centers. The names of officers assigned to communicate with government agencies have been publicly and pertinently disclosed so as to make known information communicated to relevant government agencies and local communities as well as create an accurate understanding of situations. GC seeks to foster relations with relevant government agencies through faci l itation and partaking activities such as anti-corruption activities - which was aimed to establish understanding and reaffirmed mutual commitment to transparency and anti-corruption efforts - and providing venues for Knowledge Sharing meetings upon arising matters or on new laws, for instant. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, GC has adjusted the working format with the government sector by increasing the work via online system. GC also supported the operation of its plants in monitoring various measures of Rayong Province to ensure accurate compliance and coordinated with the government sector to seek approval to operate its plants in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the government sector. During the drought situation, GC has participated in the working team to search for source of water reserve and has jointly carried the issue forward to the government section in order to establish a regulator for fairly controlling the water price, in which the process of is still in progress. Employees GC ensures that its employee care is in line with good corporate governance principles and business ethics by fostering positive experience for employees at every part of the employee life cycle, focusing on employee development through various forms of learning in order to promote practical application of knowledge. Such development supports include individual development plans (IDP) and a 24/7 digital learning platform where employees could learn anywhere and anytime. GC also ensures safety and a good workplace environment and conducts employee surveys on various topics to understand their issues and genuine needs in order to make improvements accordingly. As for remuneration scheme, GC considers its policy in a systematic manner, in parallel to its operating results. Furthermore, in preparation for employees in anticipation of business growth, a Talent and Succession Management System has also been laid out to accommodate such business demands in both domestic and overseas business. 124 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021