BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX In addition, it is within GC’s policy to employ and promote occupations for people with disabilities, in line with the Empowerment of Persons With Disabilities Act, B.E. 2550. The details of GC’s employee treatment with respect on human rights appear in key information on the “Employees”. Society, Communities, and the Environment The Company conduct its business with responsibility towards communities, society, and the environment, reflected through activities, projects, and continuous stakeholder engagements. Under the strategy of creating balance through sustainable development principles focusing on Social Paradigm Shifts, GC have been investing in social enterprises (SE), Creating Shared Value (CSV), and Corporate Social Responsibility projects. All which aims to create shared value in three areas, namely the environment, economy, and society. GC also conducts site visits to consult and exchange dialogues with local medical professionals and communities, especially in the vicinity of its plants, to better understand their issues and true needs and support improvement. In addition, CG has initiated “RAYONG Get&Go”, a delivery platform, to support income generation in the Map Tha Phut community, Rayong Province, by focusing on the delivery of food and merchandise from shops in the Map Tha Phut community and those which are under Pracharath Rak Samakkee Rayong (Social Enterprise) Company Limited with a plan to expand the service area to cover all areas of Rayong Province. GC has also adopted the world-class sustainability repor t ing f ramework known as Integrated Sustainability Report (ISR), which covers economic, social and environmental topics, as well as other issues that may significantly affect GC. Further details can be found in the “Integrated Sustainability Report 2021”. Compensation for violation of rights GC has established guidelines for protection of rights of stakeholders who have been violated as a result of the business operation of GC Group by considering to provide compensation at a rate not lower than that prescribed by the law. Prevention of Internal Information Use The Company’ Internal Information Use Policy has been included in the Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct Handbook and published on the Company’s website for shareholders’ ready access. Directors, Executives and employees are constantly reminded to comply with the policy, under which they are prohibited from using material insider information not yet publicly disclosed for personal gain or the benefit of others, including for trading GC’s securities. The essence of the policy is summarized below: (1) Directors and Executives under SEC’s definition must report changes in their holding of the Company’s shares to SEC within three business days as required by SEC. Additionally, the Company has established a policy requiring Directors and Executives to notify the Company Secretary of their intention to trade the Company’s shares one day prior to when the transaction is due to be made. (2) The Board of Directors monitors each individual’s compliance with GC’s Business Code of Conduct on internal information every month. The Company Secretary, who receives information from SEC via email on changes to Directors and Executives’ shareholding when their shares are traded or transferred, will report such changes to the Board. The Company would also disclose such transactions at the beginning and the end of each fiscal year as well as during the year if any transaction has been made. (3) GC notifies Directors and Executives in writing that they are prohibited from trading the Company’s shares 30 days ahead of the disclosure of the quarterly and annual financial statements or that of other information that may affect the prices of the Company’s shares. They are also prohibited from trading the Company’s shares within 24 hours after the said disclosure. (4) All Executives and employees are required to comply with the Company’s guidelines on Confidentiality of Information and safeguard its information, business partners’ information and personal information of related parties. They are also required to adhere to the Company’s measures on the safeguarding of confidential information or information that has not yet been publicly disclosed. (5) GC’s Directors, Executives and employees are regularly kept up to date on regulations and policies regarding exclusive information as well as prescribed disciplinary sanctions in case of violation to ensure corporative acknowledgement and compliance. Prevention of Conflicts of Interest The Board of Directors has put in place policy and guidelines for determining transactions which have, or may have, conflicts of interest and included them in the Corporate Governance and Business Code of Conduct Handbook of the Company for Directors, Executives and employees to adhere to and be conscious in undertaking related party transactions and to ensure that related party transactions are not being undertaken 125