The Company values all shareholders and has put in place measures to fairly and equitably safeguard the fundamental rights of every shareholder. These measures are aimed at fostering investors’ trust and confidence in the Company and ensuring continuous and proper returns. Minority shareholders are given the opportunity to express their opinion, provide suggestions and submit complaints to the Board, Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee (an Independent Director) and the Company Secretary via the GC website on Corporate Governance or email at cg@pttgcgroup.com. The Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee will review the complaints submitted and take appropriate action. Institutional investors can request information or express their opinions via E-mail at ir@pttgcgroup.com under the care of Investor Relations. ROLE OF STAKEHOLDERS GC places importance on the rights of all stakeholders. Based on principles related to the rights and impacts on stakeholders, written good practice guidelines have been formulated and published on GC’s website. Stakeholders are also provided with channels to express their opinions, suggestions, and recommendations. Stakeholder-related policies, guidelines, and actions in 2021, are summarized below: With regard to the treatment of institutional and retail investors, GC held quarterly performance review meetings via Facebook Live and Microsoft Team and virtual roadshows, in which online booking channels were made available to enable interested institutional investors to directly make an appointment with GC. In addition, the Company took part in the quarterly Opportunity Day as well as SET Digital Roadshow, an online meeting held in collaboration with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to provide investors with access to information sources and an opportunity to learn more about listed companies. To comply with the Code of Conduct for Investor Relations, GC refrained from meeting with investors for 14 calendar days prior to the disclosure of its operating results to protect and safeguard GC’s confidential information not yet publicly disclosed. Customers To achieve customer satisfaction, GC has continued to maintain and improve the quality of its products and services and established a key account management unit to listen to the voice of the customer to inform the development of its products and services to meet their different demands and expand sale opportunities. GC has also collaborated with trade partners to develop eco-friendly products and protective equipment for COVID-19 to help the community. GC has continuously improved and developed systems relating to facilities, management, sales, marketing and customer management to reinforce its strengths in customer management process and systematically improve the quality of information in order to deliver the best customer experience, including enhancing effectiveness and the speed of the internal operation as well as being able to communicate faster between each department. Additionally, GC guarantees product qualities in accordance with various international standards to enhance customer confidence and has put in place a whistleblower channel for complaints about its products and services to systematically handle such complaints, track progress, and report solutions to customers in every business unit. It also discloses complete information about its products and services to customers by holding Coordinating Meetings between the Commercial and Supply Unit, the Production Unit, and customers to exchange market condition information, review result of operation, consult on the product quality. It also provides trainings through various channels, including organizing annual Knowledge Sharing of market condition for clients. STAKEHOLDERS EMPLOYEES SUPPLIERS SHAREHOLDERS PUBLIC SECTOR CREDITORS BUSINESS COMPETITORS SOCIETY, COMMUNITIES, AND THE ENVIRONMENT CUSTOMERS Shareholders GC respects the fundamental rights of shareholders and treats every shareholder equitably for their utmost satisfaction. These rights include the rights to participate in the AGM, the rights to vote, to propose meeting agenda items, and to nominate candidates for directorship. GC also listens to their opinions and suggestions and has provided them with contact channels via www.pttgcgroup.com and via E-mail addresses at ir@pttgcgroup.com and cg@ pttgcgroup.com 122 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021