Malaysia Japan Hong Kong Thailand Source: GC Head Quarter Production Site Sales Representative South Africa. Glycerin is sold to manufacturers and distributors of health and personal care products both domestically and internationally, primarily via distributors and partially via direct sale. Customers include multination corporations (MNC) in the domestic medical supply and hygiene industry and large pharmaceutical companies in South Asia. Products manufactured by Emery, which has sales offices and production bases in various countries, are distributed by its sales offices both directly to customers and through dealerships. Bioplastics There has been a significant rise in global demand for compostable plastics as substitutes for single-use plastics. PLA produced by NatureWorks can be used to produce food-contact products, such as cold drink cups, spoons, forks, drinking straws, coffee capsules, and tea bags. It is also used to manufacture products in the computer industry, such as 3D printing filaments. For sales and marketing, NatureWorks also co-develop products with major international manufacturers whose policy is to use bioplastics in their products to increase trade opportunities and consistently expand the sale of its bioplastic products to meet the rising global demand for bioplastics. PLA is sold by NatureWorks LLC and dealerships. BioPBS markets have shown significant growth in every region of the world in line with the rise of environmental conservation and consumer awareness of plastic waste issues. PTTMCC sells this product both via distributors and directly to customers. Most products on the market feature BioPBS in the form that is blended with PLA and other bioplastics to achieve suitable properties for desired applications. These products include coffee capsules, bioplastic carry bags, and mulch films. BioPBS is also used to coat paper in food containers or cups for hot and cold drinks and straw. The BioPBS market has expanded considerably as compostable plastics are also used as substitutes for regular plastics in single-use plastic products. 53 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX