Minneapolis Cincinnati Nebraska Brazil Germany U invested in green chemical businesses domestically via PTTMCC and internationally via Emery and NatureWorks, thus giving GC a comprehensive range of products and services and an ability to cater to market needs efficiently. GC’s production bases and distributors can be found in almost every continent as shown in the chart below: Value Added Oleochemicals GGC’s main product is methyl ester, all which is sold to high-speed diesel manufacturers and blenders, which the major customers are almost entire domestic customers. GGC directly sells methyl ester to customers in the form of purchase agreements with clearly specified terms. Fatty alcohol is sold to both domestic and international customers, mostly manufacturers of basic supply, oleochemical product, as well as traders and distributors who buy fatty alcohol and resell to their customers. For domestic customers, GC sell to Thai Ethoxylate Co., Ltd. (TEX), meanwhile the major international customers are the company in these countries, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and POLICY AND MARKETING The demand for eco-friendly products has been rising due to greater awareness and campaigns on environmental conservation. In addition, it is expected that green technologies and chemicals will replace current ones in the sphere of health and personal care products. As a result, many countries are actively seeking alternative energy, reducing the use of synthetic chemicals, and looking for substitutes that consist or made of natural ingredients, while customer demand across the world for commodity goods featuring or produced from renewable natural feedstock has shown an upward trend. GC recognizes the significance of value addition to agricultural products and the sustainable growth of the green chemical industry and strives to become a world-class green chemical operator that stands out in every market it operates in. As part of GC’s policy to ensure the clarity of its green chemical business operations, Global Green Chemical Public Company Limited (GGC) has been assigned as GC Group’s Green Flagship Company. In addition, GC has 52 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021