Intermediates Services and Others • Jetty and chemical tank farm Operated by TTT • Utility business Operated by GPSC • Plant maintenance and engineering Operated by GCME design services and PTTES • Safety, occupational health, Operated by NPC S&E and environmental, and NPCSG and security services • Pipeline infrastructural services Operated by EFT • Information and communication Operated by PTT Digital technology service • Labor outsourcing service Operated by BSA • Marketing and sales of methyl amine Operated by SUN derivatives, plastic compounds, specialty products, and health and nutrition products • Polymer sales services Operated by GCM (Polymers Business Unit) • Logistics services Operated by GCL (Polymers Business Unit) • GC Group’s liquidity management Operated by GCTC and financing service • Management consultancy Operated by PRS Rayong • Manufacture procure, sell products and/ Operated by SPSE or provide services that contributes to society • Plastic packaging development support Operated by SPIG • Land and property management Operated by GCEC • Corporate venture capital investment Operated by GCV and GCVA 954 KTA 473 KTA ETHYLENE/ PROPYLENE 3,638 KTA BUTADIENE/ BUTENE-1 100 KTA OLEFINS POLYMERS EO-BASED PERFORMANCE PHENOL MAIN PRODUCTS ETHYLENE PROPYLENE BUTADIENE BUTENE-1 MAIN PRODUCTS ETHYLENE GLYCOL ETHANOLAMINE MAIN PRODUCTS HDPE LDPE LLDPE PP PTA POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) POLYSTYRENE HEXENE-1** ROTOMOLDING COMPOUND PP COMPOUND OPERATED BY OPERATED BY OPERATED BY MAIN PRODUCTS PHENOL BISPHENOL A ACETONE OPERATED BY CAPACITY* Derivative & Bio Chemicals Polymers & Chemicals POLYETHYLENE 1,950 KTA POLYSTYRENE 90 KTA POLYPROPYLENE 336 KTA PTA 1,066 KTA PET 148 KTA HEXENE-1 34 KTA Rotomolding Compound 31 KTA PP Compound 12 KTA 29 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX