Performance Chemicals Performance Chemicals BUSINESS STRUCTURE In 2021, GC, as a Chemical Flagship of PTT Group with a combined chemical and petrochemical capacity of 13.95 million tons per year and crude oil and condensate distillation capacity of 280,000 barrels per day. GC consists of 3 business groups and has other businesses and services which GC invested for supporting 5 business groups, summarized in the diagram as follows: MAIN PRODUCTS METHYL ESTER GLYCERIN FATTY ACID FATTY ALCOHOL ETHOXYLATE SPECIALTY OLEOCHEMICALS BIOPLASTIC OPERATED BY Remarks: (1) Base Chemicals: Upstream (2) Derivative and Bio Chemicals: Intermediates, Polymers & Chemicals, Bio & Circularity (3) Performance Chemicals * Only capacity that GC hold equal to or more than 25% share and calculate proportion by percent share. ** For internal use CRUDE OIL DISTILLATION 145,000 BARRELS/DAY 1,903 KTA CONDENSATE DISTILLATION 135,000 BARRELS/DAY AROMATICS 2,419 KTA 793 KTA CAPACITY* REFINERY & SHARED FACILITIES PERFORMANCE MATERIALS AND CHEMICALS AROMATICS GREEN CHEMICALS MAIN PRODUCTS LPG LIGHT NAPHTHA REFORMATE JET A1 DIESEL FUEL OIL MAIN PRODUCTS BENZENE TOLUENE** PARAXYLENE ORTHOXYLENE MIXED XYLENES** CYCLOHEXANE MAIN PRODUCTS HEXAMETHYLENE DIISOCYANATE (HDI) AND DERIVATIVES ACRYLONITRILE (AN) METHYL METHACRYLATE PROPYLENE OXIDE POLYETHER POLYOLS POLYMER POLYOLS OPERATED BY OPERATED BY OPERATED BY PREMIX POLYOLS LIQUID RESINS & ADDITIVES RADCURE CROSSLINKERS POWDER COATING RESINS 3 Businesses Base Chemical 5 Products Portfolios Upstream Bio & Circularity 28 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021