In addition to this program, GC also introduced a digital technology system to protect the health of its employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic and used proactive safety approaches to ensure employee health and wellbeing. Related projects include the Ergonomics Project and the Stress Management Project. Ergonomics Project GC cares for the health of its employees, especially those working from home or use computers at work for over 4 hours a day and are thus at risk of ergonomic issues. To this end, GC has procured software for employee’s self-assessment and software which notifies when there is a risk involving employee has been working continuously as well as established an ergonomic standard for office equipment and allowed employees to borrow office equipments to use at home. GC also developed PR materials such as video clips and newsletters to raise awareness of proper ergonomics while working. Stress Management Project Stress Management Project In addition to projects focusing on physical health, GC also places importance on the mental health of its employees. Every employee must take the stress evaluation test before doing the annual physical check-up and for those employees determined as being stressed, GC has implemented activities with psychologists to create awareness and understanding, including monitoring those employees with a high level of stress that could not be resolved by themselves to receive treatment under close medical supervision. Furthermore, it organized the GC Virtual Recreation & Challenge Club (VRCC) activity to foster relations among employees via Facebook Live. In addition, GC also launched a mental health hotline for employees and their families, through which they could consult experts on work and personal matters to cope with stress during the period of social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. RUK HUJAI Project GC placed high importance on health of our employees. We analyzed the physical check-up results of out employees and determined risks from calculating chances of coronary artery disease development within ten years period and risk of other non-communicable diseases. The analysis was conduct on every employee and included following up with the employee to receive treatment, giving exercise advice and medicine monitoring. The project resulted in employees having 25% better health. In this connection, the monitoring will be carried out continuously. GC has also developed software to enhance the efficiency of its occupational health management as follows. Health Risk Assessment Software The software was created to assess health risks and review work-related illness prevention measures, especially for process operators. In addition, the assessment results could be used to proactively revise employees’ health checkup programs and industrial hygiene measures for work areas. The data obtained could also be used to ensure a safer work environment. e-Health Book This technology collects employees’ health checkup results and makes them electronically available to employees at all times. The data could also be analyzed to inform the development of future health promotion projects that are suitable for employees. Safety Data Sheet: SDS SDS is a system where employees can quickly and conveniently search and access chemical safety information. It is also now accessible via mobile application. Medical Clinic Service The system collects employees’ medical history at a medical facility of the Company. The data obtained through this system could be analyzed to inform future healthcare planning. GC also regularly organizes health promotional activities for employees and contractors to keep them healthy and enhance their efficiency at work. This is part of organizational development for sustainable business excellence. 3. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT GC strives to become a leader in the international chemical business that integrates green innovation and technology into its operations for sustainable development without impact on the environment, communities, and 176 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021