EXECUTIVES To ensure efficient organizational management and operations that adhere to the policies and directions established by the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and President, endowed with the power vested upon him by GC’s Articles of Association, has formed the Management Committee (MC) and the Group Management Committee (GMC). Both committees are composed of top management under the CEO’s direct supervision whose level are from Senior Vice President upwards. The CEO, as head of the Company’s employees, has the authority and duties to ensure that the Company operates according to the policies, plans, and budgets approved by the Board. The MC is responsible for devising and aligning operational directions and guidelines with the Board’s established policies. It reviews and offers suggestions on the Company’s policies and operational guidelines in relation to marketing, commercial and supply; risk management, capital allocation and management; human resources management and development; quality, safety, occupational health and environmental management; and social responsibility as well as matters that may cause significant changes to its Business Units and Group Performance Centers. The MC also reviews and offers suggestions on the Board meeting agenda prior to presenting them to the Board at the meeting. Additionally, the MC oversees the Company’s compliance with the law and regulations of external regulatory authorities as well as its own rules and regulations and the Company’s relevant legal actions to ensure that the conduct of GC’s business is in compliance with good corporate governance principles and in conformity to international standards. The MC also follows up on and implements the Board’s resolutions, suggestions, and opinions given at Board meetings as well as oversees and monitors diverse aspects of GC’s progress as a whole and internationally. Meanwhile, the GMC is tasked with reviewing and offering opinions and recommendations on the alignment of Company policies with those of its Group Performance Centers in relation to the operational guidelines for Group Performance Centers’ production management, marketing, commercial and supply, and risk management, including human resource management and development; quality, safety, occupational health and environmental management; and social responsibility. It also monitors the performance of Group Performance Centers and progress on innovation and technology initiatives as well as projects that contribute to the efficiency of their operations. The MC holds at least three meetings monthly, while the GMC holds at least one monthly meeting. In 2021, the MC convened a total of 42 meetings, and GMC convened a total of 12 meetings. The Senior Vice President of Corporate Secretary and Legal serves as Secretary to both committees. 142 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021